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Sore foot 😢

I had a great run week 3 run 3 two days ago which was all uphill then walked a further 6 miles that day (touristy stuff-I'm on holiday). By the end of the day my left heel was tired/sore. Yesterday I could hardly put my heel down. I was scheduled to start week 4 today. Feeling disappointed and hoping I haven't done anything serious. It is feeling much better today but I certainly couldn't run on it. Any tips? Thank you!

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Sounds like it could be Plantar Fasciitis (pronounced Fas- E- EYE- tis). No quick fix cure for this I'm afraid. If it gets better whilst walking, and worse after rest and first thing in the morning then this is the most likely issue.

However, I would seek qualified medical advice, as, even if it is correct there are a few causes, which need to be resolved to ensure treatment is successful.

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Thank you Whatsapp. I was rather afraid it might be that as my sister has that. Can it come on that quickly? I've never had a problem before. As you say it is better with walking and sore when I put my foot down after resting. I will rest for sure now and see someone when I get home from my holiday.


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