Question about running with asthma

I have relatively mild asthma and have just completed week 3 but find when I first start running my breathing is more difficult than later on and I'm a bit concerned that when I have to run for longer periods without a break, it might be too much for me. Once my airways have cleared (a bit of coughing is involved but not much) I find the running much easier but I feel I need the breaks for this to happen. What do other runners with asthma do to solve this problem, if anything?


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7 Replies

  • Asthma has always been a big worry for me when running. I've found that I've had to teach myself how to breathe properly and spend the whole run concentrating on breathing more slowly. Don't know if this will help you? Also, never run without having taken my inhaler first. Made this mistake once and never again...

  • I know ive made that mistake so many times and never again its also a big worry for me too

  • I have been lucky enough to get rid of my Asthma completely. I was advised by an ex Asthma sufferer to pratice swimming underwater and gradually by building up the time/distance I can swim underwater I've managed to strengthen my lungs or increase their capacity so that I no longer suffer from Asthma. I'm not saying this will necessarilly work for all Asthma sufferers, but I think it is one of the best pieces of advice I ever received.

  • I've always been advised to take my inhaler 20 mins before exercise, however I'm now on a different inhaler and it works so well I don't need to take extra just because I am exercising. Perhaps time for a review of your medication?

  • I take my reliever a wee while before I go out. I saw my asthma nurse about it and she's changed my medication and we're reviewing things regularly - it's lovely how supportive she's been to help me keep running :)

    Cold air really exacerbates asthma so I'd give myself an extra puff of the reliever before setting off, and carry it with me. Inhaling through my nose warms the air much better than inhaling through my mouth so that helps too. Hopefully tips you won't need in the near future (spring is coming!) :)

  • My asthma nurse has started me on a purple inhaler called seretide,its a bit of the blue reliever inhaler and a bit of the brown preventer inhaler mixed together. I take two puffs in the morning and then again before lasts up to 12 hours. This inhaler has been brilliant for me and i have only needed to use my blue inhaler a couple of times since starting this and that was because i had a cold. I find i have no problems with the running now and my asthma doesn't affect my running. Defo worth making an appointment with your asthma nurse and see what she says. Good luck! :)

  • I have moderate asthma and i find breathing very difficult when i run i don't know how people can solve the problem i like running but it's hard to keep up with other people

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