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started week seven ... not a good start

Started week 7 last night ... didn't run last week as i didn't feel too good, wanted to get back into it before my fitness started to take a hit, managed 23 of the 25 minutes just couldn't run the last 2 not due to stamina just couldn't breathe properly, feel a little deflated but realise i am still not 100% hope that when i do day two i can go the distance, if not i will not be disheartened i will just repeat this week again ... was nice to be back out running again

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Just take your time. No rush. 🙂

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I found week 7 hard anyway so well done for getting out there and completing 23 minutes whilst still not 100%. I would say take your time in getting back out and about, keep well hydrated and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

No rush, week 7 will still be waiting for you :)


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full of cold and didn't want to let it go further it certainly helped and i knew when i couldn't go further, was disappointed but not disappointed if you can understand :D


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