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Chanting mantra;slow n steady

Week 6 run 2....all the way slow n steady slow n steady slow n steady and before I new it only 60 secs of the first half and I was feeling good...on the second half I set off again with slow n steady slow n steady...I even ran the uphill on a main road back towards the start line...slow and steady! Accomplished run! Accomplished hill! Accomplished public view! WK6R2 accomplished!!!!!!! I must add I took on board what a fellow member advised earlier this week to treat this run with more respect than the last,that's just what I did leading up and all the way through! I hope you managed to complete today too!!

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Well done. Challenging runs and lacking the overall satisfaction gained from W5R3.

However, R3 next and that will set you on a path of nice, consistent long runs... slow and steady long runs, obviously.

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Well done! Job done!

Slow and steady is right. Slow and steady will take you places!

Fun int it!


That sounds like a great mantra to use, it has a nice rythmn to it. 😀.

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