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Feeling of exhilaration!!

Hi all...I've had to change my profile as I downloaded the app and my old details wouldn't work 🤔

Anyway....it's Friday and I'm feeling good and the reason is I completed week 5...that 20 min runs was great and what's more my heart rate was lower...I was feeling a bit down as I haven't been able to get out since run2 as daughter was ill and off school...anyway I've faced the most daunting run so far....can't say I'm excited about week 6 as those extra minutes I'm sure will take their toll but I'm thinking this time next week I'll be on week 7 that's just 2 more weeks until I've completed c25k. The support here is fantastic and the motivation of the weekly Programme is motivating...thinking ahead is there any podcasts similar to help keep up and improve post c25k????

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Well done !x


There is the C25k+ on here. I've yet to try them myself. That said there are many options for you to explore. I would suggest you take your time pondering this over as you spend a few weeks consolidating and getting more 30 min runs under your belt.

However, you have W6 to conquer first. Not my favourite week. But an important one to get you up to 25 mins.


Thank you,it's just what I need to ponder over what to do...I obviously need to get to 30 mins first 😂 but I'm trying to plan ahead to get my head around what I will do after c25k,it's astonishing I am even that far after just 5 weeks but I don't want to get to the finish without some kind of routine planned I don't want to slip back and the weekly goals are great for incentive and motivation. Thanks also for the heads up on week 6 I have read a few posts saying it's a bit tough but I suppose that's the aim of the game.


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