C2k FAQ suggestions

I have been putting together a list of thoughts for the FAQ of C25k that we will try to provide answers to in the C25k realtime videos. Of course, a these things go, I had dozens of ideas floating around in my head while thinking about it in vague terms but not so many when it comes to putting them down on paper. I would really welcome everyone's input: what are the questions that come up time and time again? What were the questions you had when doing the programme? What quetions would you like to know the answers to?

thanks in advance

Here's what I have so far:

Should I start?

How do I start?

How do I find the motivation to start?

What should I wear?

Do I need new trainers?

Will people stare at me?

Where can I run?

Can I run on a treadmill?

When does it get easier?

What should I eat before running?

What should I eat after running?

What should I eat as a runner?

Will I lose weight doing C25k?

Will I become more toned doing C25k?

I have been doing C25k for X weeks, why have I not lost weight?

Help I have put on weight doing C25k.

What time is best to run?

How fast should I be running?

What speed/incline should I set the treadmill to?

I am on week X and am only running Y distance. How will I make it to 5k?

What running app/watch/fitbit should I use?

Pain etc:

My shins hurt. What do?

My feet/knees/calves/back etc hurt…

I am on W1R2 and my muscles still ache. Should I stop?

I have a sharp/shooting pain in XYZ

Will running ruin my knees?

I have a cold, can I run?

I had a cold, how long till I can run?

I sprained my ankle/pulled my calf/tore a knee ligament, when can I run again?

I missed a run/week due to illness/life, should I repeat a week/where should I start back from?

How should I breathe? The podcast says…

What part of my foot should strike the ground first. Laura/my friend from work/Christopher McDougall says…

I have signed up for a 5k/10k/ultra marathon in September and am on W2. Will I be able to run it all?

What do I do after I graduate?

How do I get faster/run further?

Why is the leap from Rx to Ry so great?

How can I do W5R3? Should I just repeat R2?

Why does Wsix R1 go back to intervals? Why was it so hard?


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  • Wow Rignold you have been really busy. Thank you for all the hard work your putting in with this. Can't wait to see the finished videos.

  • I'm sure that Rignold will need to take his shirt off at some point.....

  • You assume I will have it on at some point.

  • I assumed that you and your terrible twin ju-ju- will be co-presenting and she always wears a black running vest. So please do start the video series with your shirt on :-)

  • I may have to change my colour scheme...


  • Wait for the episode in which she takes her shirt off...

  • Oh yes ! We need to see Donald Pug Trump again ! :-D xxx

  • Also:

    Am I too old to start C25K?

    App vs Podcast & who is Laura / Julie?

    What's the point of a rest day? What can I do on a rest day?

    Do I need to do stretches? How do I stretch? What are squats?

    Post run ailments and treatments. What is RICE? What is a foam roller?

    Where do I put my phone?

    Safety - running in the dark/alone/on roads/letting someone know where you are going/will be back.

    My husband/friend/dog/partner wants to do C25K with me, but they are an ultra-runner. Is this a good idea?


    Mention gait analysis in 'Do I need new trainers'

  • As well as am I too old I've also seen am I too overweight to start c25k a lot.

  • When should I do strength training? Will myblegs have enough rest if I will do D1-run, D2-leg strength, D3-run?

  • Who IS Julie????

  • A really excellent list which does sum up the Frequent Asked Questions on the forum.

    The one thing I reckon you need in there that isn't in the list already is: What do I do if I am struggling to keep running in a run section? What do I do if I actually have to stop running in a run section? ('cos it is my specialist subject!)

  • Ohh yes good one GoogleMe. 'I had to walk in run xxx, do I repeat that run, or move on?

  • More!

    Some very basic 'what does the program look like? How many runs, how many weeks, walk and run sections, do I run every day? There are three runs each week, but seven days in a week. How does that work?

  • Introductory reasons to run:

    Reduce blood pressure, increase cardio-vascular health, improvements to mood, increased metabolism, improved general wellbeing and an increased attention to general health and diet...

  • oh yes. Can I do all the runs consecutively?


    my husband/wife/child/priest has something booked tomorrow so can I do my W5 runs back to back?

  • Or... I went on holiday/had a cold/had my appendix out and did not run for 2 weeks. Where do I start again?

  • Do I need to carry a drink with me on a run? How much should I be drinking per day? I'm drinking 3-4 liters a day and urinating like a race horse 🐴 , is this normal?

  • I only drink 1 litre a week. Should I take gels on my run?

  • No but get your kidneys checked :p

  • No, I'd say peeing in the middle of a field is not normal. You can just do it in a toilet like everyone else.

  • nice badge btw

  • My running kit smells. Should I wash it?

    Can I wash my trainers?

    How do I deal with a runny nose while running?

    What sports bra should I buy? (women. mainly)

    Do I need to wear shorts over running tights? (men. And **** YES!)

  • How do I get in a sports bra?

  • How do I get out of a sports bra ? :-D :-D xxx

    Rignold , thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into this , its going to be amazing , I just know it xxx

  • Oh yes, the sport bra with no fasteners when your hot and sweaty, worse than a straight jacket 😫😫.

  • Luckily that's one I can answer.

    Although may do a practical demonstration special episode

  • :-D :-D xxx

  • I require assistance getting in and out of mine on sweaty days. It bunches up under my armpits but above my boobs and I am literally stuck in the most unflattering way possible.

  • I feel your pain Nobby ! I had to practically turn myself inside out the other day just to get mine on ! Of course it doesn't help when you're purple , sweaty, flustered and then having a hot flush on top of it all !

    # Hormone Hell - Pah ! :-) xxx

  • Buy her some chocolates :)

  • Why is there walking and running? What is the point of the walks? What are Intervals?

    Running terminology / glossary : RICE / IC / Pace / Speed / Cadence / Intervals / Fartlek

    Most common beginner injuries

    I want to be able to run 5km. why don't I just go out an run 5km instead of all this walk-run business.

    ;-) Can the audio on the podcast be described as music?

  • I have already addressed the issue of music in the podcast, but had to scrap that whole section as it was just endless bleeping.

  • That reminds me, we never got to see the Directors Cut of 'Rig and Ju go for a run' with the educational swearing-like-a-trooper :-(

  • I haven't even seen anything yet!!!

  • Blimey.... there are a lot of questions there!

    You have of course... omitted the most important question...

    Am I completely insane ? :)

  • You, my dear, are indeed completely insane and we love both you and your writing :-)

  • Thank goodness:)x

  • Well there are 27 episodes, and 20 to 30 minutes in real time, so there's a lot of scope for questions. I'm trying to roughly match them to the week when people ask them, where applicable.

    13 hours of C25k, Its like a Netflix series.

    only without the production values.

    or any values.

  • Game of Thrones with optional dragons. Week 5. Keeps you running ( away)

  • Will I get runners nipple? 🍰🍰

  • Depends if the runner is faster than you

  • (x)(x)

  • I think maybe, seriously, a question that I have not seen posted about too often, other than... 'What are you getting from the programme posts',=... but one which may occur to some of us... is... Is this programme really of benefit to me...what is the impact it may have on me/my health etc... ?

    I.e. What difference is doing this going to make to my life?

  • Hmm, W7R2, the existentialist episode.

  • Possibly :)

  • Another existentialist question: Where do all the swishy-ponytail haired girls go in the winter? I never see one when I am running gently, slowly and carefully on frost-covered roads. Only in the summer. Do they hibernate, or go to Klosters for the winter?

  • The answer to that question will be answered in the 'Rig's Crib' special episode. Although that is on the subscription only part of the site.

  • ... For instance:

    Reduce blood pressure, increase cardio-vascular health, improvements to mood, increased metabolism, improved general wellbeing and an increased attention to general health and diet...

  • Better sex πŸ˜‰

  • * see also the 'Rig's Crib' episode with the swishy tailed girls mentioned in the previous answer.

  • Now I was going to say that...but I'm glad you did :)

  • Yeay!!!

  • Can I run with my dog?

    What do I do about aggressive dogs while running?

  • What happens if I swallow a fly (like i did 4 mins into graduation run tonight - yuk!)

  • I don't know why she swallowed a fly,

    Perhaps she'll die.

    Well on the graduation run & that's a very speedy graduation badge: you only graduated this evening.

  • I know - poppy pug is really speedy tonight!

  • You have to then swallow a spider.

  • Run faster

  • I would like the answer to this one...

  • Who is Laura on podcast?

  • Who's Julie ? ;-) xxx

  • And how come some of us have sarah Millican, jo Wiley etc? Or some other similar but different programme?

  • Yes, who IS Julie??

  • Blimey this is great bedtime reading 😏 I love all these replies. Who knew runnng could be so complicated?

    A few things spring to mind:

    1. I've lost my mojo/hate runnng/what is the "runners high?" and when will I feel it?

    2. How do I get rid of a stitch?

    3. What if this takes longer than 9 weeks? (It took me 6 months)

    4. Can I do parkrun before I graduate?

    I'll have a think of more during sleep. It's when I do most of my thinking 😏

  • What do I do with my life once I graduate...

  • Oh I really want to know that ..,

  • Thanks for the laughs! πŸ˜‚

  • Some great suggestions Guys! keep 'em coming.

  • (this last bit also refers back to the swishy... oh never mind)

  • How do I become one of those swooshy pony tail types of runner?

    How do I keep my in ear headphones in whilst running? What do I do to pass the time once I've sorted that?

    Why am I doing this? - that one I ask myself every morning when my alarm goes off and says run day!

  • This is hilarious!

    Don't like to bring this up, but what about the Paula Radcliffe question....?

  • Do you mean What do I do if I get caught short?

    or why does running cause gastro intestinal distress?

    I suppose one leads on from the other. Hmm. thats going to be a fun episode

  • Can one run whilst buttock clenching?

  • Why yes. Even one's own in the absence of swooshies.

  • Morning Rig. I've slept and had more ideas πŸ™‚

    1. On the treadmill question, how to transition to outside running. This gets asked a lot.

    2. What other exercise complements running? Can I do this other exercise on run days?

    3. Should I join a running club?

    4. When does this become fun? (This is linked to my previous reply no.1)

    I'll keep thinking.......

  • Brill ones. Thx IP

  • This may have already been covered too many replies to be sure I haven't missed it but and program specific question: W5R3 is a huge jump in length of time running, can I really do it?

  • Oh yes I see it has been covered! My apologies. Fantastic idea, I look forward to watching.

  • "I can't get anywhere near 5k in 30 minutes, am I doing something wrong?"

  • Oops, you got that one already :)

  • Great work! I admit I haven't finished reading all the comments (yet), but I decided to add a question that I came across few times:

    I am not couch potto I swim/cycle/walk a lot which week should I start with?

    Can I run with my children / my dog / cat / tiger? :P

    It is extremely hot, should I run? When/what time?

    It's raining / windy / snowing / icy / thunderstorms should i ran?

  • And please say that when is tornado you should run, run fast, but pick different route than normal and go different direction than tornado ;)

  • Should I buy a garmin...

  • Excellent list, I would be interested in exercises for warming up and cooling down. Apologies if this is already covered, I'm new and haven't watched your videos yet.

  • Fab stuff. Thanks all. Keep those suggestions rolling.

  • What a hoot! Laughed my cap off!! Some very very funny peeps on this forum :D ! Can I come to your crib Rignold when I'm a swishy swoosher? I seemed to have missed your 'top off' post :p


    Toxic ten

    Told to run slow, but how slow is slow?

    Getting over the embarrassment of running in public

    To eat or not to eat............that is the question?

    Loved reading this...xx

  • What type of music could help with a run?

    Is there something wrong with a middle aged Irish man listening to hardcore Rap music whilst running?

  • I want Elle Mcphersons body, if I start running, how long will it take? ( I'm still waiting)...

  • Much longer if you are me...:)

  • I don't run at all. Just post a shirtless pic to Elle and let her do the running.

  • Think she was a swimmer?

  • She's a model, you are probably not old enough to remember her. I used to do her workout vids years ago and drool over her amazing body!!

  • I am 4 years older than her lol. I know she was a model but thought she was a swimmer first but have just looked her up and she became famous for the"swimsuit" issue of Sports illustrated. Cheating!

  • Ha ha wow are you?!!! I'm 6 years younger but I guess that's why I always looked up to her!!!

  • She was known as,' the body, ' !!!

  • What about a tech episode? Running watch or App? What do they all do, pros and cons?

    Equipment: how do I transport my mobile, carry water bottles etc? When do I need water? (Probably never on a 5k).

    Socks - how to avoid blisters.

    Running in heat / cold / winter / summer (headtorches).

    Just a few ideas.

  • Socks idea, I love that!!

  • I have just discovered this post in the morning, having spent half the night thinking about creating a FAQ post for the forum.........spooky!!!

    Was MarkyD on speed last night?

    Tracking runs on techy devices creates lots of questions.

    Nice list Rigs and everyone else.

  • I think MarkyD is always on something πŸ˜‰

  • I wish that I put the same energy into my running as my posting!

  • We love you tho Marky Mark 😻

  • Will running help with my mental health?And the whole, massive issue of mental attitude....the psychology of running and the way that negative beliefs and thoughts undermine progress

    How to beat the 'gremlins' or how to challenge negative cognitions?

  • Brill list. Couple of bits:

    Commonly asked is where do I put my phone - looking at some of your replies, lets keep it nice.

    Also the replies mention RICE a lot, it has been superseded by MICE. People were taking R(est) as not moving and doing it for too long and getting stiff, so M(ovement) was put in for gentle and gradually increasing mobilisation.

    I think something on quads exercises in the knees hurt bit would be useful. Is there a physio available to advise?

    The drinking bit: what to drink? Although that could be a brief answer.

    You are going to be busy

  • there will be Skwaats

  • oh - I cant do them. But I have good quads, tummy to big, affects centre of gravity :(

  • Great post! Will these FAQ be found on this forum or elsewhere? If elsewhere, then a 'where can I find lots of nice helpful supportive like-minded people?' could be answered with ' right here on HU C25K!

  • Love the long list of great suggestions!

    What happens at graduation?

    Is it right I need to run naked across a field in order to graduate, or is that some tosser taking the mick out of me?

    What does using a watch have to do with running naked?

  • Ha ha Tomas ! That made me guffaw ! :-D xxx

  • I have enjoyed Rignolds posts and his sense of humour since I first joined this forum and can't wait to see him in action on videos.

    Does anyone else remember a character called ' Finbar Saunders' (from Viz maybe)......I think he has been reborne!!

    Good luck with this RignoldπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Finbarr Saunders and his double entendres:


  • Omg, please tell me this is not still going? I have been out of uk for 17 years. Not very PC in 2017! Well, I guess it wasn't back in the 90 s either, but you know what I mean.

  • I am failing to see any connection.

    Although ju-ju- could pass for Roger Melly

  • Viewing this link, I had forgotten quite how crude they were. No offence meant, it wasn't this element I was likening to you, more the humour of misdirection. Look back at your replies re joggers nipple and buttock clenching, classic examples. It must be a peculiarly British thing I think. People hereπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ don't do it or appreciate it when I (or DH) do it, so we don't. 😐 Very refreshing.

    Again, sorry if I offended😞

  • Pretty sure that our friend Rignold is immune from taking offence. Viz is still struggling on, but is certainly not in the mainstream. Quite how it has survived this long I am at a loss to explain.

  • yeah. hide of cast iron, me. fnarr fnarr.

  • Umm. Err . Thanks Rig

  • nother question I thought of:

    How do I run hills/should I run hills?

  • Spent far too long enjoying this post... :) So;

    This is a sensible question....I have seen this posted quite a few times...

    "Is it necessary to have gait analysis before I buy my running shoes ?"

    (I shall be interested in this, as I just did the , wet foot test before I started... researched like mad and plumped for the pair I thought best suited.. which are brilliant:) Just lucky maybe?


    Top tips to avoid injury on the C25K journey ?

  • That was the question that brought me to this forum!

  • Ha ha Finbar Saunders ! I used to love " The Viz " The top tips section used to crease me up ie

    CYCLISTS: Avoid getting a sore behind by simply placing a naan bread over your saddle. This will comfort your ride and when you return home, hey presto! A warm snack ! :-D :-D xxx

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    You could have run 5km in the time that it has taken you to read down this far.

    Why not go running instead ;-)

  • Why not do both? She said smugly having done just that😈

  • Is it normal to look like a beetroot and what is the explanation for this

  • What is an FKT?

    And can you please get Irish John to put his shirt ON?

  • I always wondered what the "F" stands for - do tell!

  • 'Famous' (but variable depending on how tough a run is ;) )

  • Really enjoyed reading the replies to this post 😁 what a long list of questions!

    Headgear/glasses/clothing - what is best to wear on my head? How can I keep my ears, neck, nose etc warm (buffs are great). How can I stop sweat going in my eyes? How can I stop my glasses steaming up? (Not a problem I have but notice that folks ask advice about this issue). What is the best underwear - technical fabric or cotton? Do I need two pairs of shoes, one pair for road and one for trails?

    Races - when should I enter my first race? What distance should I attempt? How do I find events near me? Other general advice about races.

    Life after C25k - how do I get my graduation badge? how do I keep motivated? How do I increase distance/pace? Which is best 5k+ podcast? Is it OK to run every day? What are core exercises and why should I do them? (I really struggle with this!)

    Sorry if these have already been covered.

    Looking forward to seeing the videos (great idea ☺)

  • Have you dealt with chafing?

    Running belts?

  • 1.) lube obvs. although seldom happens in the first 30 mins.

    Same applies for running.

    2.) you don't need a running belt in W1

  • Oh, I thought you were trawling for ideas for running in general, not just wk 1

  • So sorry, @Curlygurly2 have only just noticed this. I was replyng to this and the W1 specific thread simultaneously and got confused between the two.

  • Sorry late to the party.... Busy at Worthy Farm :-)

    So what's a ............

    Progression Run,

    Long Run,



    Tempo Run,

    Hill Repeats,

    Recovery Run ??????

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