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Couch to 5K
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W1 ✅

Yes I did it week one completed!

It was hard I am not going to lie, to actually get out there and run/scuffle along but actually on run 7 I must of at least had 5 seconds in my head saying "this is ok sort of fun maybe".

Now week 2 to go I haven't even looked at the programme but I gather it will be run a bit more......

Ummm wonder when I can buy some new trainers!

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Wooohooo! It is Fun! Go steady though. No false moves 😃

Oooh new Shoes at Graduation I'd say. Something to aim for and look forward to

See you at the finish


Never too soon for new shoes, shurley?


When you do buy new trainers you HAVE to post a picture of them in here, you know that, right?


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