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Delayed start to W9

I had to delay this week. Just over 2 weeks ago after completing W8 I found myself with a knee injury, or more an aggravation of an old injury.

Reluctantly I choose to take a full break rather than persevering just to graduate. It has been frustrating, but I'm glad I did.

This morning I went out unsure what affect 17 days without running would have. In some ways it was liberating as I had no pressure - whatever I achieved this morning was a start I could build on.

However, I found myself running with ease past halfway points reached with exhaustion at earlier weeks. A hill I struggled up before I flew up without even noticing.

I reached my 5k halfway turning point before Michael had announced I was halfway through.

It felt good but the return journey started to drag, the gremlins arrived and a stitched followed. Sure that I had reached my limit I kept running.

But the time I reached the avenue leading to my home I could feel the seat dripping and the heat bellowing from my beetroot face.

A man passed by. " That looks hard work".

"It is" I replied.

"Haha, that's why I don't do it" he chuckled.

That's why I do, I thought.

Michael piped up through the headphones. 60 seconds left. A dogged barked and Regan towards me, thwarted by its garden gate. Can't catch me, I thought. I had done it, 30 minutes.

It was challenging, the second half especially. But the injury gave me a chance to regroup and come back stronger. I went out hoping I hadn't lost too much fitness, and came home running further than I ever have done in my entire life. Running has given me such a sense of achievement. So much so in just a couple of months that I know a will be a runner for life.🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

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Well done! Nothing like surprising yourself eh?

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Absolutely. I was convinced I would have to go back several weeks.

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WhatsApp, you have been such a determined and consistent runner and member of the forum, that I would never have doubted you persistence and ability to complete this run. Very well done- graduation is in sight!

(what really pleases me is that now if someone talks to me when I'm running - I can talk right back without collapsing!!)


Thank you that's a lovely thing to say. I just needed to run this morning, or I feared I would slip out of the habit.


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