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Gah! A hill!

Decided for a different route to normal for my last w2 run. I knew there was a hill involved, but thought it would be part of the warm up walk rather than any of the run sections.

How wrong I was! It turns out there are many, many small inclines I'd never ever noticed in the car but they almost all coincided with running sections!

It was tough going, but I'm hoping it will put me in a good place for the 3 minute runs coming up next week.

Oh, and walking down a huge hill as part of your warm up walk means you have to walk up it again to get home...

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Well done. You are out there doing it. Feel the sense of achievement. 😉


I completed Wk2R1 yesterday and made the same mistake ! Was feeling a bit confident after week 1 so threw a big hill in there but had no idea how much the path inclined after the hill. Calves feel it today but super proud of myself. I think you're right, it will all be good preparation for the next runs !

Well done so far.


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