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Progress Report!

Had the physio again yesterday for the first time in a month. She's pleased with the progress I've made and apparently my spine is in a much better position so that's always good to know!

Anyway, the crux of the matter is that I've been given the all clear to increase my running to 10 mins and got more resistance exercises to work through and a tougher resistance band- crab walking anyone?

Had planned on going for a run this morning to celebrate but I am really sore from doing the stuff she gave me yesterday. So I'm being sensible and giving my body an extra day then will hit the park tomorrow :-)

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Eek! I have done the crab walking thing across my bedroom floor. Forward and back. It gets to to the nub of the problem doesn't it 😃

Just go really steadily. No rush.

Good luck 🙂


It definitely makes me aware of my weaknesses! But I suppose that's the point :-)

Yep will be definitely taking it at conversational pace which is really slow for me but still gives me the same quiet peaceful mind afterwards :-)

Hope you're running is still going well xxx


That's really good news! Enjoy your run tomorrow xx


Thank you, hope you have a lovely weekend too!

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