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Week 3 nerves

So after many different injuries popping up during week 1 I had to reattempt it 3 times before I could actually complete a whole session! But having done so I have moved onto week 2. This is going well as I have completed 2 out of my 3 runs but thought I'd take a cheeky look at week 3 and OMG!! 3 min run!!!! That's a crazy jump from 90 seconds. Is it going to be as hard as I believe or did people find that it wasn't too bad (hard abviously but doable)

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It is doable just take it slow and trust the programme and to avoid putting yourself off or talking yourself out of doing it don't check out the following weeks runs concentrate on the ones you have to do. Having said that when I started I used the programme timetable I printed off and so had no choice but see what was coming up.


I'm on week 3 now and I was scared about running for three minutes but Iv managed the first run 🏃🏼

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