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Week 3 nerves!

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Hi everyone. Let me start by saying I am not a runner at all so just started trying couch to 5k. I have just completed wk2 run 3 today. I must say finding it a bit tough on 90 sec bursts and reading that week goes into 3min has filled me with fear. Should I keep redoing wk2 until build it up a bit more? It seems a big leap from one to the other! ☹️

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Well done on completing week 2 But no run should fill you with fear .

It's a run , not a matter of life or death !

If you successfully finished the week 2 runs then you WILL be ready for week 3.

That's how the program works ,

So just go out and enjoy it , remember to keep it slow enough so you could speak full sentences without gasping for breath 👍

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

If it is tough you probably need to slow down. Can you speak aloud, clear, ungasping sentences as you run?.........if not, you are going too fast.

This post about mental approach may help healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Enjoy your journey.

I finished week 3 last week and it was a bit of a slog. If it were me I'd move to week 3 and just keep trying to finish each run.

It took me 3 attempts to complete w4 d1 but it really doesn't matter. Noone knows what you are doing except you so just keep moving forwards. Last week I thought I'd never manage 5mins and 3 mins X 2 but I did and you can too.

My plan is to keep attempting each new run and if I manage it great on to the next one, if I don't then no bother I'll try it again after a rest day.


Hi Smiler👋 like you I was not a runner before Couch to 5k and never ever did I expect to become one, so we'll done for stepping out of your comfort zone and giving it a go! The programme is absolutely fantastic and like Instructor57 has said, you will be ready. I think I was running too fast in the beginning which made it feel harder than it needed to be (ie it felt like I was running slow to me but I was gasping for breath which isn't what you want to do!) When I found the forum I saw the slow jogging video and it all clicked for me. I'll see if I can find it..

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Running-ringsGraduate in reply to Running-rings

Here it is and hope it helps:healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Thanks guys for all your help and advice! Hopefully I can do it. Looking at all the comment I think going too fast as do find myself struggling to breath which makes me go out of breath fast. That video was good I daren’t go that slow but now makes total sense when they say should be able to hold conversation as I can’t lol

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Running-ringsGraduate in reply to Smiler1984

Slow and steady wins the race 😉 Seriously though, there's no shame in running slowly! You can always work on your speed later if it's something you want to achieve.

Thanks ! At the moment I’ll be happy just to complete each run in one piece 🤣

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Running-ringsGraduate in reply to Smiler1984

Lol😂 good luck with your next run!

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Have faith in the app I was certainly not a runner and would never have thought I could be but following the plan I feel I am one now!! I didn’t look at what was ahead I just switched it on and went not overthinking, going slower and remembering breathing is key you will get there, nobody is watching and you will succeed 🏃‍♀️👌🏼

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Exactly what I did slow right down breathing was my problem ! Your running too fast ….. you will find your pace and don’t think your running too slow we are all different 😃🏃‍♀️

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I can identify with everything you express in your post but, agree with others, it’s an achievement to get started and the plan does work - I got anxious most way through - just the way I am but, relied on app and here and got through- I’m sure you’ll be the same - I don’t know how it works but, it does - enjoy 😊

I’ve just had the same dilemma! Coming up to the run I was going to redo w2 r3 as it’s been a few days since I last ran. It was only when I opened the app I decided to give w3 a go to see if I could do it and I’ve just finished 😁. It’s a great feeling to try it and actually completing it 🥳

Hello nothing wrong with consolidating a week before moving on of you are not ready physically but also (crucially ) mentally. That's what I did , resisting the pressure to move on regardless, I repeated week 6 for 3 weeks before going to week 7. The mental determination is key . View it as long term work on yourself. It took me a year to graduate (and like you I was NOT a runner ! I even went back a notch when my knees were painful. Stay strong and listen to your body ! Good luck.

Hello, I just had to respond to u cos I think u just copied my post from when I did week 2. Not that I’m that much ahead of u. I haven’t repeated a run yet tho I have wanted to every single time!! But I decided to plough on and repeat if I didn’t make it. Please try your nxt run and see what happens. Repeat if necessary. All my good wishes to u.

Keep it up your doing great I am definitely not a runner and I did it. Now I can go out for a run knowing I can do a 30minute good run.

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The only difference between Weeks 2 and 3 is that in Week 3 you're combining pairs of the run sections together. The total running time is exactly the same in both weeks (9 minutes per day).

Thanks all for the advice. I braved it and just tried it this morning and managed to do it all- so happy! I just slowed my pace down to keep going for the time. Let’s hope can keep it up now! 😁

I know, I raised a bit of an eyebrow when I saw 3 min runs but I do feel I'm in safe hands with this programme and that it's all about safety and success. Good luck.

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