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I have had consumption (might just have been a cold....)and missed almost a week running. I have been anxiously wondering whether to go back a few runs or just repeat the last one. Today I couldn't face back tracking and decided just to move on as planned to W6R2.

With Irish John on one shoulder "it can just be a practice run if it doesn't work out" and oldfloss on the other "go slow and then slower" (thank heavens Rignold stayed home "squats now!")

Any way I did it. Not easy but all the sweeter for that.

Although I jest, the support that I have found here has really helped me get this far.

Next 25 minutes.


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Wow! Well done you 😊


Good for you! 🙂 Keeeeeeep going. Slowly 😃


Thought consumption was TB? a bit rare these days or is it on the rise? Not nice! Glad your back on course, take it slow n steady!😊


Sorry... that was a joke...just girl flu


Ah yes, tsk tsk, girl flu! Another joke there then, like manflu..😁


Tee hee, I got you 😁


Well done! I had to repeat a couple of weeks on two separate occasions due to illness and it was most frustrating! But here I am moving onto Week 9 on Sunday - yay!!! Keep it up xx

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Blimey, well done you!


Well, with Irish John balancing on one shoulder and Old Floss the other - you had a nit of a weight handicap too - so well done.

Glad to see that somebody admits to girl flu too, after man flu has had such bad press for years, maybe the tide is turning???


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