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How long does it take to stop at a port-a-loo? and a 5K!

How long does it take to stop at a port-a-loo? and a 5K!

Hi everyone!!

Did my first 5K on this Saturday past!! It was full of hills, and I had to take an emergency break just after 1K (!!!) to pee.... ugh!!! So the "official" time was 43 min (and 1 second), but i figure if it wasn't for having to stop, I'd probably have been closer to 39/40 minutes... lesson learned!!

Another important lesson I'd like to share: don't arrive to a 5K an hour before. No point - you just end up getting cold, and wandering in circles for no reason because there's no place to sit down.

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That's a great Time for you first event well done. The time to arrive depends on event size, I've been to events with 14,000+ and the que for bag drop and the loos are terrible. Word of caution one of my first events I didn't stop for the loo break and ended up with a bladder infection that turned to a kidney infection. Always listen to those urges and go when necessary. Well done.

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Thanks, RFC! This was a 3500 participant event, and sooo many loos, there were no line ups, and they weren't even all that horrible!


No line ups! Crikey that's amazing. I did a small, local race the other week and for the third year running got nowhere near a lav. Bah! You can "go" 20 times before leaving the house so how come we need to go again when we get there I have no idea. Bloomin annoying though.

Anyway, enough moaning. What a lovely medal and ribbon! So pretty! Well done! Specially with all those hills! Shame about the one second! Dammit! LOL


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