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Speed (or lack thereof!)

I've got a week off work this week (yay me!) so due to a social arrangement this evening (yay me again!), I went for my run mid-afternoon today. Not ideal timing, as it was only an hour and a half after a *very* lovely and generous lunch out with Mr Rainbow :) But better than no run.

Time was a bit tight, so I did Speed again, but with my knee feeling slightly tender for some reason, and legs still very tired. But since the weather has been so much better for the last few days I decided to venture back into the fields and enjoy(!) the challenge of running on uneven paths and grass. Most of the 150bpm sections ended up with a bit of walking in them, but all the quicker bits were run properly...

It's reminded me how much nicer it is to run in the fields - and how much hard work that is - but given how my legs feel at the moment I might actually not run on Thursday and just leave it until Saturdays 'big run' now.

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Sounds like a plan 😀


I like the speed podcast too, especially when short of time or need a shorter run. I am not sure my pace is improving though!

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I like to keep trying the Speed, but still have to add in a few walks teehee.

Good idea to listen to your body, rest as much as you need.


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