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Firstly I need to apologise because I am probably going to be a real pain in the posterior this week...

...I just completed W5R1 & I am BUZZING!!!! I really think I could have carried on for a while longer - I am so excited to try R3 to see if I can do it but am forcing myself to go with the programme, not skip any and not rush!! I absolutely love the rush I get when I finish - I believe I am an addict!! (New runners on the way too after a little weeknd splurge!!)

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You're right to stick to the programme, especially as you're getting near to the end. It would be a shame to injure yourself now by rushing the last steps.


Glad you enjoyed it Annie. You'll be itching for that R3

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Totally trust the programme one hundred percent, it works. Even a rest day is working for you. Your joints and muscles, heart and lungs have been pounded and to get to graduation every run and rest builds towards the goal, injury free - you know it makes sense!

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