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I Did the C25K+ podcast...can someone bring me something deep fried with lots of chocolate?

Today dawned and brought with it yet another weekend shift at work, a long, long dragging shift which involved copious amounts of my running from one end of the place to the other (I keep reminding myself I won't be doing it much longer as, if you remember I mentioned going for a job interview, I will be starting a new job soon).

The last few days have also bee full of a metric ton of various paperwork and running around to different places for Hubby-to-Be and myself (we're in the process of buying our own house, there've been times when I thought 'crap, why did we start all this?') this as well as taking 2 minutes to buy HtB his suit for the wedding and the various bits of wedding planning, we've just about remembered to have time as a couple where we're NOT filling in paperwork and double-checking it.

So, tired as I was, I got home from work determined to go for a run, I downloaded the C25K+ podcast and set off.

I managed the majority of it, though found it hard to keep my shoulders back but relaxed, look ahead but don't stick your chin out, count 1-2-3-4 but pay attention to Laura talking whilst focusing on the music, etc etc,

I think that the podcasts, like the programme, were not made with hilly, rural Wales in mind as I've discovered it's quite hard to co-ordinate all that with trying to run the steep farm path around here and not slip on the algae covered tarmac.

But the point was I went for a run when I didn't feel like it and as Laura says 'a bad run's better than no run'....and I want some chocolate now please? ;)

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I'm in the Pennines, and we are soooooooooooo lucky to have that kind of resistance training on the doorstep :p ...xx

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You will get so much more fit though. Those hills are very good for the abs! Free workouts too.


I sympathise - not in Wales, but we do have hills, sheep who stand in front of you, mud and yet more mud. I had to have afternoon tea of chocolate spread sarnies after my run yesterday :-D


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