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Started on week 8

And found it ok actually. The weather has been kind lately and I'm driving to new places and then going for my run IN DAYLIGHT!!! I'm not loosing any weight though and I thought I would after seven weeks of doing this. Has anyone else found this disappointing lack of weight loss? I'm not eating to compensate otherwise I would blame myself! Over the last week I have been cutting back on sugary stuff.

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You may not be burning as many calories as you'd think at this stage. My own 30 minute runs barely scrape 200 calories. Given the deficit needed for weight loss, and combine with even slight but consistent underestimates of portion size and it can all add up to maintenance rather than loss.

But never forget that being active significantly reduces the risks of being overweight. C25K was an invaluable tool in me getting from obese to healthy BMI but it was a long term project. Running really helps me maintain a healthy weight (still working on the hip-waist ratio thing and completely ditching the big firm control knickers for running)

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Yeah, I do understand that when thinking about it my portion sizes are a bit on the large size. The trouble is is that when I eat I'm so hungry! Thankyou for your post. I'm going to have to bear these things in mind!!

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If you keep running and eating healthily you will lose weight but it takes time. You only need extra food when you start running for longer than an hour, and then not much, eg a banana or a small energy bar etc.

Being more active in general will help. Walking as much as possible is good.


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