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Hi all - advice needed - ok so I graduated end of last year and decided to re-run the whole thing again but quicker (5mph/8kph) as I had lost 6 stone and given up smoking (just over a month ago) - I'm 41 btw. I'm really stuck on the longer runs...I managed to do the week 5 run 3 (3 attempts) but I barely made it. Now I'm stuck on week 6 run 3 (25 mins). Got 22 mins in and just couldn't put one foot in front of the other I was so tired! Shall I just keep doing it until I crack it or do the whole of week 6 again? (I find the split running much easier). I don't want to slow down as my aim is to keep doing this quicker and quicker but I obviously don't want to kill myself either!

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When you say you couldn't go any further, was it that you were out of breath or is it a problem of heavy legs?

If it is being out of breath then slowing down just a little bit would help.

If it is an issue of leg strength then maybe you have to consider a slightly different approach. This could be adding some strengthening exercises on non-running days and/or looking at doing some longer slower runs.


Steady it down. Slow is fine. No need to kill yourself. You will get quicker but only when your body is tough enough to support your running, which takes time and patience

Well done on the weight loss and fags! Brilliant work 😀

Week 6 is a pig! You will do it though. You will! You are an extra strong bint after all 💪🏃‍♀️🏅🏆😇🤗


Hi there. You will run it all quicker but let your body decide when that's going to be. The important thing at present is to get through it again at a pace that feels comfortable. You have done amazingly brilliantly well both losing weight and giving up smoking. You'll find the running will get easier and easier.

I just finished doing c25k for the third time! I didn't worry about speed at all - I just took it easy and enjoyed it - no gremlins at all and didn't bother timing myself. Then just a couple of weeks after graduating I did time myself and found I'd got a PB - far better than after I'd previously graduated.

I gave up smoking too and the lungs really do improve - it just takes a little time. So don't push it too hard - enjoy it - and the times will improve themselves. :)

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Since you have already graduated you don't have to complete your personal challenge in 9 weeks so I think I would go back and do week 5 until I could do it comfortably before trying week 6 again. But you should know enough by now to do what you think is best for you. I think its a great challenge you have set yourself but I don't see any need to rush through it.

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