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Week 3's going ever so well

I did most of the programme last summer, but stopped partway through week 8 as a change in schedule meant I could no longer run first thing in the morning, the only time of day it's really cool enough in southern Spain!

I'm starting again now, and did W3R2 this morning, despite a fairly bad cold. It was amazing! I remember struggling with W3 the first time round, find the 3 minute runs very hard work - now I'm speeding up for the last one and feeling like I could keep going for ages. I must have retained some fitness from last time round, I suppose, but it's very encouraging. It's lovely to be really looking forward to my next run.

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Oh well done! Good for you for starting up again. I can't imagine life without running now. You'll soon get back up to speed. Take care though, slow is fine

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I've just done week 3 run 2 too. Taken me 5 weeks to get this far as life keeps getting in way. Good luck with rest of your weeks!


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