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Joys of the gym

Since my last post on here detailing my escapades of skating round the village I've been back to the gym.....

First time back I sat in the car park having a small anxiety attack of walking back in after having not gone for over a year! Membership renewed in I went, panic over, it was like riding a bike (treadmill on this occasion) and soon got back in the swing of it.

Since my first visit I've been back many more times now, I've been to a few classes used gym equipment and kept up with the C25K, its now fun to go to the gym.

I have had a couple of incidents of clattering by not keeping my feet on the track and nearly falling over and I have been whizzed off the back once after catching the cable of my earphones; my iPod went through my legs and flew off, I lost my concentration and followed it! I have since bought Bluetooth headphones, they are brilliant.

I am loving the feeling of being able to do this, I have found by doing some of the "runs" more than the recommended three times I'm really ready to move up to the next week which then makes them exciting rather than daunting.

Ps. In addition to the exercise I've also been eating healthier, I did dry January and have cut out snacking, as a result I have lost 10lb since January 2nd. Woo hoo!

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Wow, fantastic weight loss, well done you! And you're doing all the right things exercise-wise too. You really are going for the total new you in style. You'll be in line for a name change to "Iamafitchick" soon. Keep up the great work!☺


Thank you so much for your support, I set myself a goal to complete the c25k, I've started it many times but didn't have the confidence in myself that I could do it.

My attitude changed when I realised it doesn't matter if it takes me a few extra runs of each week of the programme to get there, I will finish it eventually. 😊


Absolutely. Your journey, your pace. Loads of us (myself included) have taken a lot longer than 9 weeks to complete the programme. Some people take one rest day, some take two, we all run at different speeds, we're all different ages, shapes and sizes. You have to find what works well for you whilst still following the programme. Sounds like you've struck a good balance!

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