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Metatarsal pain

Hi all, newbie on here. I have just restarted w1 having reached w5r3 last summer. I then lost focus through work issues. W5 took me ages to get to with a series of niggly injuries holding me up. I am determined to do better this time but need some advice. One of my recurring problems relate to metatarsal head pain. I run with gel pads on the balls of each foot but still can feel pain on the rest day from my first run. Any suggestions to overcome this? Thanks.

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Have you had your gait checked out at a decent running store? The right shoes can make a world of difference.

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I get some of that, doesn't bother me when running though. Make sure you have a pair of good cushioned running shoes, you can get expert fitting & advice from a good running shop, such as Up and Running, Runners Need, Run and Become, Sweatshop, Decathlon.....

I keep gently stretching the toes & achilles, try rolling a tennis ball or can of drink under it.. see the link for info...

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The pain experienced could be due to metatarsalgia (also known as stone bruise), affecting the middle three metatarsal heads, which can occur due to number of reasons.

Equally, if your forefoot is prone to blistering (like mine is), it'd be worth investing in a stick of BodyGlide or similar silicon based applicant, as it works wonders for reducing friction.

I apply it liberally all over the soles of both feet and upon the backs of the ankles and it's certainly helped to reduce the burning and discomfort felt previously.

It's also great for use elsewhere, too, where chafing may be experienced, for example.

Care of the feet is also important for runners, too. Again, I'll apply coconut oil liberally to my feet on a daily basis, to maintain their condition and to help prevent the occurrence of fungal infections.

Keeping toe nails trimmed short and regular exfoliation certainly helps too (I use a Titania pumice sponge, priced at £1.49 in BodyCare).

Foot care isn't a reserve of the fairer sex, either. For all runners, it's a must.

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I've never suffered with blisters, always used a decent pair of running socks & well fitting shoes....


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