The goose is getting fit xmas quest week 4 πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸ•Š- feel free to join

Welcome to week 4 of the Xmas quest πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

How is everyone doing? Are you progressing towards your goals?

Getting close now, over half way!!

Please feel free to join if you've just graduated. Most of us find its a great way to keep,our motivation up.

I find that seeking goals for the next six weeks helps to keep me on track and focussed, and I have little challenges with rewards along the way that give me a boost and keeps the motivation up.

Make it personal to yourself and achievable but as with everything on here have fun with it and enjoy taking part.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks. You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises.

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So, if you wanted to join all you have to do is put:

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end, only for those that would like to, we each put our longest run of the quest and it is then marked on a virtual run.

Good Luck everyone !



































Jan now runs



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48 Replies

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  • 6/7 days of yoga

    One very lovely run which was a little longer than of late.

    Weight up so need to keep an eye on that (I got a lot of chocolate for my birthday) Perhaps not too many special events over the next week so if I can be a bit more active things will be OK.

    Busy, busy, busy.

  • That sounds heavenly!

    No-one buys me choc these days so that's all right then 😊 My weight is up too, 8 pounds worth! I am running regularly and eating properly so not sure what to make of it. i am going to run longer to see if it shifts. in winter I do my JM DVD's everyday as my plot ticks over by itself til Spring.

    Did a good 10k race yesterday so just got a few runs left of my current myasics plan to do before starting a mew one

    I entered 2 races today, so,that's 3 lined up for the new year

  • well done and 2 races... how exciting!!!!

  • Great work on the yoga.

  • Happy birthday and no harm in a bit of chocolate eh!!

  • Got in my two runs this week so I am thrilled with that. No Parkrun, hopefully next week I can do both.

  • I'd asked to be on this but my name's not been added. To be fair it makes no difference anyway as I have bad shin splints so I've had to stop completely :'(

  • We could do with a "dislike" button! Are they getting any better?

  • They are to be fair. I can walk slowly pain free for about 20 minutes now and get up and down the stairs without wincing. It's driving me demented not being able to run though. I had to power walk from. One end of school to the other today and that was twinging so nowhere near healed yet. Will wait til mid January I think. 3 weeks down, 3 to 4 to go?

  • Very frustrating for you! Still, Christmas holidays soon...I hope that there are lots of lovely distractions for you!

  • I am so sorry about your shin splints. Have you had gait analysis for proper shoes??

  • Yep had all that and got good shoes. It's just something that flares up every few months. I'm hoping as my weight comes down I'll get fewer flare ups. 4 stone to go...

  • I am so so sorry i will add you now...

  • Got my two cross training sessions in. Starting slowly as my HM training plan has also started, so far so good πŸ˜„πŸ‘


  • Morning Madge50 , just out of interest , can I ask you what cross training sessions youre doing please ? :-) xxx

  • Hi pops, hope all is good with you. I'm doing exercise bike, rowing machine and weights. Twice a week.

    Not too much to start with, 10 mins on bike and rower, then weights for upper body/arm strength, 20 reps and leg presses and curls. Oh, and some core exercises, Russian twists, planks etc.,

    Apparently rowing is really good as it's a full body work out and great for the thighs and glutes......we shall see πŸ˜„....

    Sounds like a lot, but it's not really, I also do stretches and glute/core after every run, I'll have thighs like Chris Hoy by the time the HM comes round πŸ˜‚


  • Wow thats great Madge , Go you !

    Very impressive :-) xxx

  • well done :)

  • Did my 3 runs last week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Very chuffed with that.

  • excellent :) :)

  • Two runs last week, one gentle thirty minute run and a hill-running session. No parkrun as we were away for the weekend. (Canterbury, lovely!) I've come down with a cold now, so I'm not sure what I will manage this week. Hopefully something!

  • I hope the cold clears up very soon......

  • Thank you! It's proving stubborn at the moment. I am feeling weak and feeble, which is a shame because it is perfect weather for a run. Grrr!

  • Two runs last week. 6k and a Santa Run yesterday - that measures at 4.89k, but need a 5k for a virtual run so picked up my bling then carried on running....the odd looks you get πŸ˜‚

    Not good on the eating and drinking front, but, as Noddy would say, "It's CHRISTMASSSSSSSSS....."

  • well done and indeed it is!!!

  • Happy to say I am back to three runs a week, although they are only 2-3 k, but that's ok, I'm building back up slowly.

    Today I used a foam roller for the first time, heck 😭. I had a lesson on how to use it from my son who is a trained PT. My word I must have the running bug to put myself through all of this😱

    Still doing my glute exercises.

    Looking forward to my Christmas Eve parkrun which will be my first 5k since mid November due to my previous niggly knee.

  • Thats fantastic, you are doing really well :)

  • On the IC, having an MRI scan on my knee tomorrow morning. Hope to go for a light cycle in the gym for 20 minutes in 4 little bursts, no resistance, in between work tomorrow. Not exactly exciting. Sorry πŸ˜•

  • Oh I am so sorry that sounds grim...... I hope the MRI goes OK.... :(

  • I didn't have a particularly good week last week, I did a 10K and it was 'orrible! Really hard work, really slow and I really didn't enjoy it. I had a little think about what might be going on, and came up with two possible reasons. One - I've put on a little weight, and I've heard that even a small amount can impact on our running, so I've been following my magic diet and lost a bit over 2KGs this week. Just one more to go....Two, I think I had a duff asthma inhaler, so I changed to a new one, that should be kicking in about now.

    I still managed to run about 17 KM, I'll try another long run this week, maybe a 12K round one of my favourite routes if I feel up for it, if not another 10 along the Cam, I like that one too!

  • Well done on the weight loss... I agree it makes a huge difference... what is the magic diet???? I really struggle if my inhaler is getting low....

  • This Ju -Ju, I did it a few years ago, and lost 8 KG in a fortnight. It's really brilliant, not faddy, just mostly fruit and veg, lean meat and fish... very few carbs or fats, but I never felt hungry or deprived. Any diet that says you must have a glass or red wine and lots of jiggy jiggy gets my vote!

  • Went well last week. Ran three times, did a glutes session, kept my sports over 2.5 hours and have run out of Baileys so have stopped glugging that. Not bad fitness wise :)

  • well done... and time to go shopping then :)

  • Hi folks,

    I achieved last week, not quite all of the stretching/strength, but most of it, and the four runs I was hoping for. Two twenty minute continuous, one interval speed (but very moderate) and a "long" run of 50 minutes.

    This week, I aim for the same. Had my first run this morning, and just crossed one hip/ab box off the list.

    Have a good week everyone!

  • brill, well done :)

  • Managed a 8k run last week , was due to go out on Sunday, but woke up during the night with awful cramp in my right calf so that was it, my plan was scuppered !

    Back out tonight with a 5k run from work to home, feel loads better for getting out . My strength challenge has fallen by the wayside - Pah ! Must try harder this week , JUST DO IT Pug ! :-) xxx

  • well done, hope the 5K went ok??

  • Yes it did, thankyou ! It was great to run home from work, I had a bit of faffing about in the morning humming and aaahing about what I needed to take with me , but once I had sorted that out in my head , it was great .

    Home a lot quicker too - Result ! :-) xxx

  • Sorry boring report. But did my regular run. On a par with previous did about 6 1/2 K in 43 minutes. About 33 minutes at 5K mark.

    Set out early 7am. I will sometimes delay my run if weather forecast is certain it will be sunny. Forecast said dull but the sun came out !! Could have delayed and taken opportunity of topping up my 'Costa del Spaghetti Junction Tan'. At least my hill is getting easier less huffing and puffing !

    no progress on core exercises. Definitely a new year resolution pledge on that score !

    Anyway looking forward to my First parkrun Saturday 9am . Forecast at least to date says will be dry Saturday.

    Will do post for everyone !

  • I managed 4 run and 25.4 miles last week. Am I back on running after 4 weeks of troubles with my ribs and cold? I really hope so!!

    let's see if I can get to my target for new year :)

    happy running and all the best


  • I had the best intentions but injury followed by illness means I'm having to downgrade my Dec target significantly :(. I'll now be pleased if I get out 3-4 times a week with a short moderate run building back to 5k by New Years Eve.

  • I have managed 3 runs, but the glute challenge is definitely a Challenge! I am still doing it but I am a few days behind, due to a couple of extra 'rest' days ( I.e I forgot/ couldn't be bothered!).

    I have a chart on the fridge which I cross off when I have done them - the next session is 130 bridges with 20 extra on each leg.

  • Morning Eatcakeandrun !

    I can so relate to the forgot/couldn't be bothered ! :-) I think I am on Day 5 , in fact Ive been on Day 5 for about 3 weeks now !

    I must get this on my fridge too, it helps me to focus on the job in hand xxx

  • I've managed to run 5k twice last week and once so far this week (planning on doing another 5k tomorrow) and aiming to continue this until Christmas so that I can tick that one off the list! Bit short of energy at the moment so haven't really enjoyed my last couple of runs, but I've had a couple of days off since the last one (trying at the moment to run every other day to get fit enough for park run on Christmas Eve) so hoping tomorrow's outing will be more fun. Need to kick those motivation-stripping gremlins into the lake!

    The good news is that I've got my Santa hat for the park run!

  • Did my first park run today. Really great experience have done a post with photo and report.

    Then from Wednesday back onto increasing my time and stamina.

  • Well, a bit confused as to what week I am up to, but I can report that I did not run in Northumberland but did two 10km ish walks on the beach. It seemed longer but I actually only missed one run. I then caught up completely last week with a my usual 3 runs, still on the Asics plan.

  • Not doing too well. Only 2 runs last week & looks like the same again this week. End of term has left me with no fuel in the tank :-( Still going to have a go at the virtual parkrun on Saturday and looking at the times will not be last :-) which is a bonus.

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