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Merry Christmas everyone .... W5 now complete

I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a quick update from me, I have just finished week 5 yesterday but instead for running the 20 mins I carried on for an extra 10 mins and added a 25 min walk on the end.

When I started this program 5 weeks ago I never thought I would get through week 1 let alone run for 30 mins non stop, but I have and it was with all the great advice and support for this wonderful group that keeps me focused, I feel like a new person and am sitting here picking a route for tomorrows run and I cant believe how much I am looking forward to getting back out tomorrow ... I am hooked on running lol

Anyway that's enough from me ... Hope everyone has a great day and safe running :)

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Fabulous. Sounds like you've got the bug. 😀

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Well done!

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