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Lovely day for a run!

The sun is shining, lovely autumn day so on with my running shoes and out for a run.

I'm a very recent C25K graduate (still feeling very proud!) but today I had my best run ever! Totally in the zone and managed to run 5.4 km in 31 minutes! At 5' 2" tall and packing about 2.5 stone more than I should be(!) I'm pretty chuffed with that distance and time.

Just wondering now how to keep building on this and whether I could realistically start considering building up to running 10 km?!

Can anyone give any tips or advice on this? just a few weeks ago just the thought of managing to keep running for 30 mins seemed a distant and possibly unattainable goal so I can't really believe I'm even thinking of a possible 10 km!

Would love to hear how others have progressed from C25K! 😃

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Well done ! It was glorious out this morning ☺

You could do c25k+Stepping Stones podcasts, which are for graduates from c25k and will propel you towards Bridge to 10k programme. both progs free to download from here

You can just increase your run distance 10% a week so you steadily progress. you have to take things steady ☺

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Thank you😊


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