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Change of route was a good idea


...... and I jogged along the river in our park with four paws keeping me company as usual. Week 7 completed this morning so I'm a happy girl today. It's tough but so worth it. I'm a very slow jogger so not covering more than 4K but it's the doing rather than the distance I'm more happy about. Weather is due to get colder so the mornings will be a challenge. Brrrrr keep warm out there if you're on UK soil. 😀 And a big hello to all you others running further afield. 😀

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Sounds a lovely run and your words, "tough but worth it" should be this programme's mantra! Don't worry about the speed. You're out there doing it and that's all that matters. Well done to you.


Well done that's good going :)


In my books 4k is brilliant😊you are out there running & in this weather that's an achievement! I've been checking out the winter gear on line this morning as really want to keep up the running as just graduated. Wishing I'd started c25k in the spring now😂😂better late than never ha ha!! Keep going & well done for getting out there! X


Great. Week 7, can you believe it? Only very small increases in run times and you will sail through graduation. I graduated maybe about six months ago now, completed my very first 5k in 43 minutes. My fastest ever was 34 minutes. However nowadays, I want to enjoy my run times and explore the places where I run, so time is not so important. You have found a speed that made it possible to achieve week 7, so that is brilliant

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