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Knee injury?

Hey guys!

So 2 days ago I did my W3R1 and I'm so proud of myself. I did the whole workout. I was nervous about running for 3 minutes, but I did it!

I felt fine physically while I was running. Felt so great afterwards that I walked for an extra 30 minutes after the workout was complete. I went to bed and everything was fine.

The next morning I woke up and my right knee was killing me. It wasn't swollen, but it's a little tender to the touch and it hurts to straighten my leg and walk.

I was vey careful when I was running. Didn't step in any holes or run on an uneven path. Did I injure my knee or are the muscles just not used to running for that duration? I'm supposed to run tonight. Should I skip it? Should I buy a knee brace?

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It could just be your knees getting used to running. Did you stretch after the run? I would suggest you don't run until the pain is gone. Do some gentle exercises (search for some on YouTube), ice regularly, rest and see how it feels in a few days. If it's no better then maybe a trip to a sports physio or your GP is in order.

Have you got proper running shoes?

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I did some leg stretches after the workout. My knees felt fine afterwards. I'll wait a couple days to see if the pain gets better.


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Fingers crossed!


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