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Today was hard but not impossible so it would appear

I have the evidence having done this program before and completed it all. But gosh it's hard getting back after a longish spell of not jogging. W4R1 done early this morning with Tiggy (four legged companion) keeping me company. She barely breaks into a trot as I slowly lug myself around the dark streets. It seemed nearly impossible to think I'd manage the 5 minute bits but manage them I did and as so many of you keep saying "slow is just as good". I'm not even covering 4K let alone 5K but I'll work on that once my stamina is better. And to all of you out there in Couch to 5K land it's great to know you're not alone isn't it?! :)

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Good for you getting off the couch. I would be lost without the forum, it's almost as addictive as the running. Hope you are enjoying your return. Happy running 😀👟🏃


I love the forum :)

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