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Desert Island Discs

Since about week 7, my main battle has been inside my head (like many others). Having recently graduated, I am trying to increase the amount of time I run...I am not quick. So I thought I'd try something new to listen to and settled to download a try an episode of Desert Island Discs. For me, this worked. I just kept going happily plodding along whilst listening to someone's life story and music choices....dare I say I even enjoyed my 45 minute run(!) and not once did my mind chunder off to think about my breathing or how my legs felt.

Just wondered what, if anything, other people listen to?

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Good for you! Whatever helps your run is a good idea ☺

I took my fave tunes on my run yesterday and was inspired by Nina Simone Feeling Good, Melanie's Brand New Key, The Go-Go's Head over Heels, The Female of the Species by Spaced, my all-time fave Rod tune "Jodie", Italian Girls, Stone Roses Resurrection, Freebird, Crossroads and Bobby Womack's I can Understand it.

It was a short run, but on my longer runs I would take more of the same. I usually run with the Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k podcasts which have some right good tracks, and all chosen specifically to help our runs ☺

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Sounds good ! Yes they often provide a really good distraction .

I added loads of new choons yesterday to my playlist . I got to a little hilly bit on my way home just as the Four Tops started singing " Well if you feel like you cant go on, like all of your hope is gone " from " Reach Out , I'll be There "

Ha ha , very appropriate ! :-D xxx


I really recommend audiofuel - music created especially to run to, with a strong, fast beat. You can pick the beats per minute. The music isn't memorable and I like that as I don't get sick of it! I've shaved off 10 minutes of my 5k Park run time since the end of July (I finished C25k just before). I've increased my beats per minute and I'm sure that's helped.

Ooh er - think I'm turning into a running nerd!

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