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Extra W2 run - just to be sure!!

Took the advice,did my extra W2 run an hour ago just to be sure there were no ill effects from Monday ,was absolutely fine :) Just a shade off my peak pace from Wednesday but it was 0.15km shorter and had to slow off for a couple of cars but on pace and am not feeling it at all - heavy breathing or pain in the places I've had it in the early stages! A lot warmer today though!

Wondering if I did 8.33/km (was 8.09/km on Weds in a longer route in the rain at close to 4km) that is good? And I'm going to register for Parkun soon - but won't do one until I've gone through the Week 9 runs. Want to be certain and sure I can handle it :)

So Week 3 next - a touch nervous at the slightly longer runs but let's do it! Back to my studies in the meantime,first week of the new academic year so got to hit the books!


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Just keep it steady..if you are running nearly 4K in week 2.. then by Week 9.. well.. !

i am not sure I am understanding your timings...are you running very fast in the running bits...? :)


Don't feel I'm going that fast(think I'm way slow),could be the calibration on the iPod..

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Thing is..just enjoy...🙂

The running will be great for releasing any tensions from studies...loads of us find the additional benefits from running are amazing.

Great for sorting out thoughts, running off anger,sadness, confusion..great for self confidence..the list goes on...I use it to fuel my passion for language😐 end up feeling fitter..toned and!

Take each run,as it will be fine😃

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Hope so :) Still a bit conscious of people seeing me as I run by (just out walking on the non running days is different - folks see you walking by all the time!) but live in a small place,you've got to expect that :)


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