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Still waiting to see the Orthopaedic consultant

I'm still waiting to see the Orthopaedic consultant about the ligament in my knee, hoping it will be in the next few weeks, but in the meantime I have taken up cycling as my Doctor said it would be OK as it was gentler on my knee, don't think he meant for me to do 70 km a week. Still the cycling seems to have helped my fitness, and I've lost nearly a stone.

When I did the ligament in my knee I could not walk across the car park to my local Sainsburys without my knee brace, but for the past 3 week I've not had to wear it, so I'm hoping the consultant gives me the OK to restart running again.

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Well done on the cycling and keeping your fitness up - that's a sterling effort.

Fingers crossed the appointment with the consultant comes around quickly and he/she tells you what you want to - hear you deserve it.

Very best of luck!


Fair play to you for keeping up doing something. Many would have taken to the I.C. Good luck with appointment


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