Mission Possible

Well time for the test drive of my new runners and my knee took rmnsuk's advice and went back to W3R1 it was different this time as before I did not have Laura just my watch set to intervals and a piece of paper so I knew what I was doing. The result was no major dramas on both fronts and my fitness has improved as I was definitely quicker also starting again so to speak gave me a chance to practice my breathing. All in all a good test will see how the next one goes on Monday.

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  • Sounds very promising , glad to hear it went well xxx

  • It went better than I expected but still going to take it slow

  • That's good news. Great to get out there again!

  • It is strange how you miss it when you can't go out I bet you are champing at the bit to get out hope you don't have to wait much longer

  • Hurrah! Good to see you back musketeer!

    Glad the run went well and the knee held up.

    How were the new shoes? Did you feel a difference in the support.

    Nice to have our early bird getting back on form - today is a good day โœจ๐ŸŽ‰โœจ

  • New shoes were great definitely noticed a difference in cushioning and general feel still going to stick at beginning again and take it slow but good to be back

  • Sounds good. Onwards and upwards ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Good to have you back again sounds like good progress. Though thanks to your title I am going to have that theme tune worming around in my head all day.

  • That's why I picked it with a little change because it is only impossible if we let it be

  • Thanks it was enjoy yourself with week 6

  • Thanks for the prompt. I've just been to Braintree Freeport and bought not one but 2 pairs of new runners (the better half has great powers of persuasion!) . Hopefully, I'll get round to trying them out tomorrow.

  • Good luck with them are you going to test drive down the old railline

  • I think so. First outdoor outing!

  • We'll have to meet up sometime once my knees up to scratch and go for jog down there

  • Sounds like a good idea - you can't miss me - I'll be the one in the bright yellow shoes!!!!!!

    Let me know when you're up for it - I get the impression from your last post that you're well on the way to recovery

  • I reckon three to four weeks of repeats and I should be okay and back up to full fitness

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