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Wow and Ow!

Yesterday night I completed my week 6 run 2. I have to say that was hard >< When Laura was like go faster I was thinking to myself maybe when there is a minute left to go. So went faster for the last minute but I could feel little weird niggles coming on in different places. When I stopped running my legs felt like spaghetti and if I stopped walking thought I'd just topple over and I also realised that they were really cold so I headed home, crawled into bed and went straight to sleep. Managed to do my fastest time yet (which isn't very fast) but faster than I've done before. Yet it's got me wondering if cold weather can cause issues when you're running.

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I haven't really had problems in the cold, it's the heat that affects me more. Are you running somewhere chilly? have you got suitable clothing? Proper running leggings make the world of difference...

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I struggled with that run too - well done for completing it even though it was tough! Perhaps there could be a correlation between the fact you were running faster and how you felt at the end?

If you're cold you can get compression or thermal leggings and same with the tops but they're probably only for the depths of winter. Make sure you are properly warmed up too, even if you need to go a little longer than five minutes. You're doing great, a lot of people find it good to leave the intervals behind.


I am always too hot ! I would run in a bra top and tiny shorts if I could get away with it without scaring small children and horses :-)

I sometimes take longer than the 5 minutes warm up , sometimes I do ten minutes or even more ,same with the cool down walk

Week 6 is a toughie , maybe the spaghetti legs were with running too fast at the end ?

Well done for completing it ! :-) xxx

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