W7R3- slowing down

I have completed W7R3 this morning. Was just as hard as R1 but recovery time was quicker however, when I got home and looked at my times (garmin) I have got slower on each of the runs and so not running so far. Not sure whether to do a few more 25 minute runs to improve my time or step up to W8R1 and follow the plan still. Also, can anyone give me some advice on how to prepare the day/evening before for my morning run, what I should and should not eat and drink the night before and whats best to have before the run & after to keep me going till lunch. Last but not least question is , when can I consider joining park run as that is my ultimate goal. My enthusiasm is high but my stamina/speed is low.. all tips and suggestions welcome.


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4 Replies

  • Well done on getting this far but keep going. You've done this run, just move onto the next. Runnng is not easy but it's so worth it when you've finished the programme and it will become easier in time.

    As long as you're well hydrated you don't have to think too much about food the night before. Just avoid the usual suspects before a run - highly spiced foods, onions,etc. You really only need to start thinking about your food intake when you're running over an hour.

    Everyone is different. Some people can run better on an empty stomach, others need something light like a banana beforehand. I always have porridge before a morning run and leave about an hour before heading out. You'll need to experiment and see what works for you.

    I think you could do parkrun any time because you can always walk part of the way or do a combination of run/walk. Parkruns are fun so just turn up and do what you can, running very very slowly. Good luck and enjoy!

  • Thank you for the useful info. Will try the porridge for sure.

  • Porridge is slow release food which is just the thing for sustaining us runners.

    Speed is irrelevant for c25k so,don't bother about it at all

  • hank you. I try not to worry about time/distance but its nice to see yourself improving so onward and upwards as they say.

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