Couch to 5K

Hello again Laura. Hard workout

Well after running by myself for a couple of weeks I thought I would give one of the Counch 2 5K+ podcasts a go this morning.

So selected Speed and off I went.

5 minute warm walk up and then the warm up run all Ok.

Then Laura says next we are going to run at 165bpm!! for a minute, then slow back down to 150bpm repeating 6 times.

Well I did 5 of the 6 165bpm runs, got all out of step on the second one. Much harder than I thought it was but will do these during the week. Its only about 5 minutes shorter but a lot harder.

One thing noticed this morning that it is a lot darker now at 420am. Might have to start doing my runs in the evenings soon.

PS Got to work today to find my newest piece of gadgetry had arrived.

A new Polar M400 running watch with another HRM. Giving this HRM to my brother as I already have one. Should be interesting to see what is HR is like on his runs.

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That sounds like a good challenge, may give it a listen first before trying!


Yes the C25K+ podcasts are interesting and designed to challenge you a little bit more. When Laura says 1, 2, 3, 4 and either your right or left foot should be hitting the ground on the 1 and 3. That is when it got a bit complicated and I got muddled.

I seem to be running at a natural 150bpm , the words from the film Shooter 'Slow is smooth, Smooth is fast' spring to mind :) , and then when she says 1,2,3,4 at 165bpm I got a bit lost trying to get the steps right.

Think I will do the speed again on Thursday and then go for my longer run on Saturday. Did a 'true' 5K last Saturday at 37-28 the fastest I have done. The previous ones had included the 5minute warm up and down, so well impressed with my progress.

My 2 runs in the week I will do one of the plus podcasts then do another the following week. That way I mix up the runs.


I still use the + podcasts regularly, and I think every PB I have ever had has been while using one or other of them.


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