Couch to 5K

Funny knee?

Decided to use the treadmill again since I'm trying to gauge my distance.

Put the speed up slightly from 6 to 6.5 and 10mins in started to get little electric shocks from inside top of knee. Reduced back to 6 and carried on, no problem. 20mins in increased to only 6.2 and the little shocks started again. How very strange. Reduced speed and ran for 30 mins to cover 3km.

Slightly concerned there's an injury brewing. Any thoughts or suggestions very much appreciated.

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Slow, slow, slow!! If you don't have any problems at a slower speed then stick to that. Going too fast too early on can be a cause of injury and, as I'm currently 4 weeks on the injury couch I can tell you, it's no fun at all! Getting through the programme is the main thing and speed can be worked on later once you can run for 30 minutes so please, please do stick to a slow and comfortable pace. Also perhaps get a gait analysis if you haven't already to make sure your shoes properly support you for the way you run. You're doing well so look after yourself as it would be such a disaster if you were to get injured!


Good advice from Melly. If it doesn't hurt when you go slow then stay slow. I think your leg muscles will build with time allowing you to speed up later.

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