W5R2 - Easy peasy lemon squeezy (ish)

I am having a totally sh*t time at work at the moment (doing the workload of 4 people on my own) and the last thing I felt like doing was running tonight. Down in the dumps is an understatement of humongous proportions. But as soon as I got in I thought "let's get it done with". I got changed and headed out. X2 8min runs with a 5min walk in the middle. I swear that first 8 minutes only felt like 3 minutes. I had to check I had the right podcast on. I did. It came to me so easily and I wasn't even tired at the end of it. The 5 minute walk I found harder than the run. That was a bit strange, I almost couldn't wait for the next run. However the first 4 minutes of run two seemed to last a LIFETIME! It went on forever and ever and ever. It was hard and my breathing turned into that of a beached whale - I don't know how a beached whale breathes, but I have decided that they puff and pant and gasp like me. Anyhow, I thought sod the running (not in a give up way, I carried on) and decided to spend the next 30 seconds or so trying to remember to breathe and slow my breaths down a bit rather than focusing on how hard the run was getting. That did the trick. Breathing sorted and the second half was fine, just like the first run I did. When I got to the cool down walk, I wasn't even that out of breath. I looked like a boiled tomato mind you, but at least I didn't look like a boiled tomato that also sounded like a beached whale! I am now half way through the whole programme and loving it. However stressed and fed up I was before, I felt loads better afterwards. I like to think of the pavement as everyone that pissed me off today, and I stomped on them all. Running is the best stress buster ever. I've done exercise classes before but nothing compares to this. I'm truly loving it. Not loving the thought of a 20 minute run on Friday with no breaks in the middle, but I'm blimmin' determined to get through it and even though part of me is dreading it, the other part of me can't wait. Feel free to send good vibes my way for Friday! I may need them after 10 minutes! Saying that, the rest of the week is highly likely to be just as rubbish and stressful (not being a pessimist, I just know how much I have to get done, and how hopelessly incompetent other people can be, making your job harder). So I may need a super run to distress after another 3 days of work!

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  • Sending you good vibes for Friday, sure you'll smash it x

    Unfortunately I know the feeling only too well on the job front, but normally do feel better after doing a run (even though only on wk4)

  • Ooh I will have to remember to tune in and hear how your run went on Friday. Runningis definitely a stress buster. I've noticed that too. Another great reason to keep at it. Is the situation at work likely to improve anytime soon?

  • Not until the summer holidays

  • Your next run will be awesome- just like today's run, without tedious walking interruptions. Podcast_Laura breaks it down into 4 five minute segments, so you've done it all already. And you're right, running is a great de-stresser. Hey, at least you've still got a sense of humour in the face of adversity.

  • That run will get done and you'll not kill yourself doing everyone else's work because you have a run to get done and that is what really matters to you at this time ...and to us, because we want to hear all about it ....and then hopefully you can take the weekend off and feel doubly proud for your hard work and your running achievments!

    Running helps with perspective😊👍👍

  • It sounds like your job is really stressful at the moment - hope it is only a short-term thing and not likely to carry on!

    And how amazing that you have found you enjoy running so much! It must give you so much motivation to keep going :)

  • Go you! Well done.

    It is amazing how much better we feel after we get out there, you can feel totally yukky and it all disappears. :)

    Slow and steady, that is the way... and maybe transfer that to your work. You do your bits, slow and steady and make sure you have your rest period. Other folk have to see that they cannot rule your way of working! :) ( Have suffered from frustrations just like this when I taught).

    Focus on now, don't worry about Friday... you just take it gently and you will do it.

    I just found a great quote earlier this week.. it might suit you?

    "Expect problems... and Eat them for breakfast"!!!!!! :)


  • You say "when you taught" - funny cos I work in a school too doing cover, timetable and data (for my syns).

  • Well.. you know what I mean about frustrations then! :)

    I had an issue once when I was trying to sort a serious problem with a small one in my class.. and I had been dealing with someone in the County Education department; I had been chasing this person to move on the issue for weeks.. and had really reached the end of my tether... and she said to me.. ( Someone's not a happy bunny are they? " EEEEK!

    I wish I had been running them :) !

  • Sounds to me like your body is getting tuned up for the longer runs. I now struggle if i walk for a bit. I can't cope with stop start runs since graduation, once I am in the running groove I feel I can just keep going. The bad start to your 2nd run sounds similar.

    Look forward to Friday you will love it!

    I am off now to look for a beached whale to see if it is saying " Feel like I've been stuck here for ever I am now starting to sound like Miller2 running for goodness sake"

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