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Well and truly crashed off the wagon!

Been feeling lousy for a few days now, grumpy and shattered but not overly hungry. I was supposed to go running tonight but the thought of it bought tears to my eyes, I just wanted to eat and sleep. Couldn't understand it until my husband asked how many calories I've been having and then wasn't happy with my answer of around 1000. I thought I was doing right, I've been logging everything in my Fitbit and having dinner and tea but he pointed out that I was having over 300 calories less than the NHS bmi thingy said AND taking up running. You know when someone points something really obvious out to you and you have a lightbulb moment of seeing what an idiot you've been? Well the lightbulb was blinding. No wonder I've been so up and down, I having been cutting back or dieting, I've been starving myself! So ok the Chinese probably wasn't the most productive response but it did make me feel better. So new plan: stick to the daily allowance of calories suggested by NHS and carry on with running. Hopefully this will lead to less lows and huge temptations as well as me not wanting to cry at the thought of running. It all makes so much sense, my body have gone into power save mode just like my phone would, I've been going to bed at 7pm for gods sake!

Tomorrow is a new day. Xx

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I'm sure we all have bad days as well as good. Important thing is you've realised what the problem is and that from tomorrow it's a new start.

I definitely think diets important, if you eat rubbish it's difficult to get up and run and If you don't eat enough you'll have no energy to run. I realised last week that I def needed to eat better if I was going to get this running nailed.

Good luck with your run tomorrow x

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Hi Billings, good you've realized what the problem has been and now you can work on resolving that, so that's good news !

Lean meat ,fish, loads of colourful veg on your plate , good clean food , you are what you eat :-)

Tomorrows a new day, you can do it !

Hope you feel back to your old self soon :-) xxx


Thanks. I've been eating nothing but weight watchers meals. 😞 Xx

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I go to Slimming World and they produce their own range of ready meals. I always have a couple in the freezer for " emergencies " as such, as they do have their uses I suppose, if I get in late or whatever, but on the whole I tend to make my own stuff, nothing fancy or elaborate just chicken , veg and an occasional jacket spud, salads and casseroles that sort of thing xxx


It's easy to do and is more common than you think. Don't beat yourself up too much, draw a line under it, refuel and you'll be feeling stronger and fitter in no time.


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