Very first run!!

Very first run!!

My very first day done!!! I'm still walking home but couldn't be more proud! I've never ran in my life . I Normally hate exercise but this sense of achievement is amazing! !! Eeekkk  I didn't travel very slow. I have asthma and my peak flow is really low so I just took it very easy. I have been walking for another 20mins after finishing. Should I repeat day 1 until I go a bit faster?


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9 Replies

  • Wow 10min/mile seems pretty fast to me! Well done.

  • Well done! I'm sure many will tell you it's not about the speed it's about completing it at your pace :) if you felt ok at the end of it by all means move on to the next run. 

  • Well done you did really well and you should feel proud! SLOW is best....... keep up the good work.

  • Slow.... slower and slowest... Please, take it steady!

    Follow the programme and you will be just fine... but maybe, too fast too soon, could back fire on you later when it gets a little more intense? ( Particularly with your asthma.. and the warmer weather coming...hopefully :) )

    You did brilliantly... well done..but my advice would be..."you don't need to go fast... just go.." !

  • Well done, I wouldn't say you were slow at all.


  • Lyndz, I did a similar programme a number of years ago and moved on to the 6 then 10 mile programmes.  I started training for marathon distance but had to curtail that for a bit due to injuries and work commitments.  The plan is to do a marathon distance (not a race) and then work up to ultramarathon (I'm looking at 45-50 miles). 

    My point is that, throughout all of my training, I have worked on the basis that "it doesn't matter".  I'm too old to think that I'm going to win any races, so it doesn't matter what time I do, as long as I finish.  If you took 20 minutes to do 1 mile, it doesn't matter.  When was the last time you were out exercising for 20 minutes?  When was the last time you did a mile?  As it is, you did 1.16miles in just over 18 minutes (little confused as day 1 is a 20minute workout).  If you do the next one in 20minutes and you only go 1.11 miles, it doesn't matter.  The fact is you are getting out there and doing something, which is more than a large proportion of the population are doing.

    My wife is in week three of this programme and I have joined her.  We are doing about the same pace over 1 1/2 miles as I was doing over 5 miles on my own.  It doesn't matter though.  What matters to me is that my wife is out exercising and I get to enjoy it with her.  Keep it up, you are doing brilliantly, as long as you stick at it.

  • Brilliant well done Lyndz. No need to repeat you do this run twice more before moving onto week 2. Take your rest day, then when you go out for your next run, take each run slowly and steady, as you are learning a new skill which will build up your stamina for longer distances. 

    The plan is great and really works with just the right amount of challenge each time. Good luck.😊

  • No need to repeat if you completed all the timed runs 😊 we always say slow andmsteady for all the runs so dontvworry about how slow or fast you are going or not going . 

    Well done keep at it 

  • Well done! I think that hurdle of putting on your running shoes and going out for the first time is the biggest step in the whole C25K course! 

    Week 1 is basically 3 sessions of what you have done today. Don't worry about speed for now - endurance is the name of the game here. See how you feel at the end of the week - you can always do an extra "week 1" run if you don't want to repeat the entire week.

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