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All before breakfast!

Hello everyone!

I'm not one for getting up eary and getting stuff done. Granted, I enjoy being productive - I relish the feeling of ticking things off from my to-do list - but mornings are not made for me. I didn't sleep well last night, either, which made my early (for me) start this morning even more unbearable! Luckily the lure of earning myself £5 for selling a dress online pulled me out of bed. With this out of the way, I returned home and marvelled at how bright and sunny it was! I wound my window down in the car and decided to go for a run when I got home.

I had a cup of tea to keep me going and went out for a run. I struggle to run for really long periods on an empty stomach, but I wanted to make the most of the sunshine whilst it lasted - I had to sprint back home the other day because it really began pouring when I was out running!

I didn't want to rush myself, so I started off at a slow trot. The sky was a stunning blue, the clouds resembling cotton wool in colour. The sun was still shining, and the streets were quiet. There were very few cars out and about, too - although, of course, Sod's Law dictates that they always turn up just as you want to cross a road, and you just don't want to stop because you're on a roll, so you have to run awkwardly a little bit down the street before doubling back on yourself to stay on your preferred route.

I made it 2.2 miles before I ran out of fuel, so to speak. I was still a little way from home so I slowed down to a walk to fully appreciate the weather. I always feel a little self-conscious when I'm wearing my running gear and I'm just walking, whether it's for the warm-up, cool-down, or for a short break during a longer run. Today though I was just enjoying seeing the streets of Southend, for the first time in what seems like forever, bathed in sunlight.

I made it home 10 minutes later and sat down to a well-earned breakfast... and another cup of tea, of course!

It's only 7 days until my Race for Life. I'm looking forward to it, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of my run for the British Heart Foundation back in March, and I'm sure that this will have the same feel to it. My favourite lecturer at university recently passed away due to cancer - it's something my Grandfather has - it's something my Uncle and Great Aunty died of - and it's something my friends have been touched by. Hopefully the money raised by events like this will help ensure that future generations do not suffer so much at the hands of cancer - hopefully the treatments will become less painful and damaging - hopefully awareness and self-checks will become so ingrained that cancer is caught in the early stages - and hopefully fewer people will die from cancer. I hope that my money and the money of other people participating in such events will help out.

Good luck to those of you gearing up for your own 5ks, week 1s, C25k+, and beyond! We're all doing really great stuff, whether it's for personal fulfillment or to try and help others.

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Race for Life is a fantastic event and as you say, all our lives are touched by cancer in some way. I ran it a few years back in memory of my father who passed away from cancer when I was younger. It is a great thing to do and I am sure you will love the whole day😀

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Oh Sandra, that's awful! I'm looking forward to it although it will be very draining, for many reasons.

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Sounds like a lovely run. Good luck with your Race for Life - always very emotional.

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Absolutely! I feel like the space to write names on is sadly way too small =[


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