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Breakfast before a run?

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What/when do people eat before going out running?

I went out on my first run this morning and had a banana right before leaving. It was a last minute decision to go out but should I have waited a bit longer or not eaten anything?

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We all have different habits but if I'm running first thing in the morning then it's either a boiled egg or a single banana. And a glass of water. Enough time for breakfast later.


I prefer to run on empty (just a cup of tea or glass of water) Just feels more comfy. I think if you eat a meal you should wait 2 hours and maybe an hour after s banana. You certainly don't need to 'fuel' your run during this programme

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That's very true in what you've said because the run is short. I find having a cuppa and then going out is okay for me πŸ˜„


Half a banana for 5k, a whole banana for 10k , plus 500ml of water or very dilute apple juice , immediately before I go out of the house. Works for me.

Glass of water, and a coffee or tea, then shoot....


2 biscuits and a glass of water works for me.


It depends on whether you have work or somewhere to be. I eat my breakfast - aLways porridge oats on run days - and go out about an hour to 90 mins later. I can't run on empty πŸ˜‹


Cuppa and two digestive bikkies... :) Then out after about 45 mins :)


Personally I just drink water but then I'm only just awake ... I've noticed scruffy my running partner the dog ... fuels herself up on her biscuits before we go maybe she is wiser than me πŸ˜ŽπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ


I'm a cup of lemon tea or a glass of water & a banana person normally 10 minutes or so before I go out. Brekky when I get back. Good luck with your runs.


I just have a glass of water. I tend to feel sick when I run (shuffle) if I have eaten anything. Works for me (also the hope of burning more fat, though no sign of that so far!!!!)

Thanks for all the great advice. I think I'll stick to water and maybe have breakfast once I'm back. After what you all say and (google) even for 5k you don't really need to fuel yourself too much. Maybe need to look into more if I progress further!!

I just have water and a cereal bar then go 10 mins after. To be fair tho I probably don't need to eat just feel like I should.


I have half a banana and a glass of water about 30 mins before i go out - I have to take meds first thing and need a bit of something in my stomach or i can feel queasy. But that seems to work well.

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