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Calf muscle strain ends Week 6 r2 early

My right calf muscle tightened during my Week 6 r1 and I've been doing lots of stretching, rubbing Deep Heat and foam rolling since. Unfortunately during my second 10-minute run today it gave me really hot pain and I had to stop running. I managed to walk the rest of the way back to complete the podcast but I'm so worried this is going to impact my training. Can anyone offer some advice? Sports injuries aren't something I've ever had to think about. Thanks.

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Oh sorry to hear this, what a blow for you :-(

I would definitely take some rest for the time being. I know its very disappointing , but you don't want to make it worse and be out of the game for weeks .

If you put tight calf muscles in the search box on the top right, there will be loads of posts on here that you can read with lots of advice

Good Luck and wishing you a speedy recovery xxx


I had the same issue ... in week 5. I had been doing too much and not taking any rest days. I didn't exercise  for 1.5 weeks, got back to walking and cycling,  then running after 2 weeks off. I repeated week 4 and haven't looked back! Good luck!


Thanks Madcow62. I think I had been doing too much, went from running Monday, Wednesday, Friday to running every other day and I was on a 3-day training course with work this week that was very tiring! Rest it is then 😔

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