No way.........way!

Well I am totally over the moon, I've only gone and completed W5R3!!! I am so pleased I can't tell you and to think that this alone was my original goal!

The first 10 mins were hardest but I recalled someone else saying that they kept checking on themselves so I did the same - breathing ok, nothing hurting too much in that case keep going.  The other thing that kept me going was how I would feel at the end and being able to write this post. 

The following 3 mins were ok but argued with myself a little then the last 5 I was totally I'm not stopping for anyone, even if I'm sick I will finish.

The last 2 mins were done with a smile and I even kept going!!

I have really thank all of you that take the time to share your struggles, advise and achievements, I want to especially thank louiseella for her motivation and gentle push - it was all of this that really got me through this run today.


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  • Go you!  It's such a wonderful feeling at the end of a run, like nothing else. 

  • It totally is, think it proving those gremlins wrong ;-)

  • This is the best run of the whole programme I think because it teaches you so much about yourself. It is such a great feeling and what an achievement it is. Congratulations, you are nearly there!

  • thank you, I wouldn't have agreed with you before the walk but now I think the rest of the weeks and runs don't seem too bad

  • Woo hoo! Awesome!!! That feeling will carry you through all of next week and beyond :-)

  • teee heee I know, still can't believe it and still have a smile on my face :-)

  • Congrats on keeping going! I am only on W2R3 today and it really helps me to know that the Superheroes, like yourself, who are further through the schedule also find it hard going. I always gave up on running before as I thought "This is too hard, no one else finds it this hard. I must not be meant to be a runner 😢". I never realised that being convinced I was dying was part of the journey! Thanks to all of you runners who are sharing the journey.

  • Hey don't say only, that is fab, well done.  

    I'm the same I've never been a runner and I even hated it in school but as I have gotten older I have wanted to be able to just go for a jog 2-3 nights a week to keep fit, I'm now starting to think that is possible and I'm working towards doing a colour run (it's on my bucket list)

    wow a superhero - I'm loving that, I'm on cloud 9 today :-)

  • Ah well done, that's brilliant - so pleased you did it!! It's such a great feeling isn't it :) x

  • thank you, and thanks for your support though it :-)

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