The joggers are off!

Hi, just to say (If anyone's interested), that I took the plunge and dumped the heavy jogging bottoms and ran in plain black leggings. And it was fine! I'm sure I ran better too!

Thank you everyone who replied to me on my previous post. You all really helped me to be braver. Who knows, I might get some brightly coloured ones down the line, like some of you have! 

Thanks again.


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43 Replies

  • Good for you!  I'm sure you'll find it more comfortable without the layers.  Psychedelic colours next 😀

  • Yes it was definitely much more comfortable. Still wearing the jacket, but that's more to hold my phone and keys until I can get one of those holders!

  • I bought a very light gilet last summer from Aldi as it had 2 good  sized zipper pockets. Roomy enough for keys, phone, tissues, money. I also now have a belt from Decathlon that takes phone and £5. 

  • I think now the weather is (hopefully) warming up, a belt is going to be my best bet. I did see the armbands, but my phone is quite big and won't fit into them. I'll have a look at that website, thanks.

  • I have some epic ones from Sainsbury's of all places!

    On week 7 now and can honestly say 'I don't give a stuff' what anyone thinks of my attire or how I look in it now.

    When I started it literally was over half of my anxiety.

    Well done :) xx

  • Thank you. I need to develop more of a 'Dont give a stuff' attitude! I did buy some puma leggings from tk maxx yesterday that were a bit of a bargain and I think that helped. My previous leggings were men's ones from asda that they were selling off for a pound! Will have to check out Sainsburys though.

  • You're ahead of me. You're running for 28 minutes!! 28!! That has got to help your confidence. Anyone running 28 minutes has gained the right to wear what they want xx

  • Ah thanks. First time today running 28 minutes. It's just hard to take in that I'm actually doing this! Yes you're right though, I should wear what I like (apart from a crop top)! 

  • Great stuff Red ! Good for you !

    Onwards, always ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you pug :)

  • Week 7 and stripping off the layers.  You'll be in lycra shorts and a crop top in no time :D  Well done for getting so far.  By the way, I hope the colour in your name and your location is no reference to a certain North London football team, or we may fall out ;)

  • Ha ha, maybe when I've dropped a few more dress sizes I'll brave shorts but never a crop top! I was wondering if someone might think I was a fan of a certain football team! I No, I'm more of a southwest london blue there! The red relates to my hair :).

  • With you there.  I have some fairly chunky lycra leggings and a big hoodie for running in.  Primark do quite a good range of stuff that's cheap too.  As for the footy, I would be a North London Lillywhite :)

  • I thought you were ;). I would love to wear less layers, but one step at a time for me. Taking off the track bottoms was a huge step for me, next is to remove the jacket. Wore it this morning then regretted it as I got too hot! I really need to get one of those belts that carries your stuff. Then I'll have no excuses....

  • Do you have a sports direct nearby, I got one in there, which has a couple of small pockets (good for keys, change) a main section for your phone and a few bits.  A another section to put a water bottle - was only a couple of £

  • I do have one nearby. I'll have a look. I don't have much money to spare at the mo but I do need to get something to hold my stuff. Otherwise I'm going to slowly melt!

  • Good for you! It's such liberating feeling :) I still wear a massively baggy shirt over tight running top which cover my bottom! 

  • I'm still wearing a large top over a tighter running top to cover my bum and stomach! But yes, definitely felt liberating! 

  • Good for you! I admit I secretly love my leggings because they're so comfy and running is a good excuse to wear them, haha! I wear them for hillwalking too. First time I did, I felt a bit like 'this is way too much of my bum' but 20 mins later I stopped caring. My issue is that I need a sports bra and don't know where to start, eek.

  • They are definitely comfy! Held everything in too! I was quite happy walking around the house in them! As for sports bras, I'm with you, I need to invest in a decent one. When I started I just bought basic stuff, my one is a high impact one from m&s. It's really good, but think I'm going to need a better one very soon!

  • Asda do cheap but effective sports bras. A few quid. I'm a 36g but they hold it together lol

  • Oh never thought asda would be any good for sports bras. Will have a look. 

  • Try M&S. I am 36 E/F and the  high impact ones there were great. 

  • My one is from m&s, the high impact one. I too think it's really good, but I only have one and have to keep washing it all the time, so could do with another one. But the really good ones are so expensive! As much as I'd love to get a shock absorber, I just can't afford it yet. Also need decent running shoes as mine were the cheapest ones from sports direct. This running lark is not cheap!

  • Oh well done for being brave and heading out in your leggings!!!!!!! You've nearly graduated too, so you should be feeling very chuffed with yourself

  • Thank you. I am so glad I did it! I know it sounds stupid, but I just couldn't do it until I read all the replies about others feeling the same initially, but then didn't care after a while.  And to think I'm nearly at the end? And only just starting to wear leggings on their own! My aim is to go for a more psychedelic pair further down the line!

  • Thank you. I did go out after school run, so it was fairly quiet out! But it wasn't as bad as I feared! I think I just forgot about it after a few minutes. I can't believe I'm nearly finished, going to miss Laura!

  • Sports bra, if you need a good one, is the Shock Absorber. They are a piece of engineering they are!  

    Well done on ditching the heavy jogging bottoms. I bet you'll be relieved you did it as you should be much more comfortable now. As the weather warms up you'll probably be donning shorts.  I haven't yet mind you and draw the line at capris.  

  • Thank you. I do feel much more comfortable. I would love to wear shorts, but I think capris will be the closest I get for a while! Start from the shins up!

  • Haha well done. I bought proper running bottoms today & an mp3 player. I ran ( slowly) but got to 31 mins tonight. No land/ speed records broken but I didn't die either!!!!

  • The brighter and more psychedelic the leggings, the faster you run.

  • Ha ha, if I ever sign up for a race, I'll get some!

  • Yay! It really helps I think. Plus you feel more professional. Must admit, I am in plain back as I don't think I'm ready for  jazzy leggings yet! 

  • Yes I agree, I think it does help. I did feel like I was more of a proper runner. I'm sure I ran better too. I love some of the psychedelic leggings out there, but no, not yet!

  • Woohoo!  Well done :)  Bet you ran faster :)

  • Thank you. Do you know what? I think I did run faster :). All down to those shiny lycra leggings!

  • Yaaaaay fantastic well done you!!! x

  • Thank you :)

  • You have to laff don't you.  I saw some pics of my race the other week and I look enormous in my purple pants of power.  Bah!    The camera angles must have been dodgy obviously.  Tee hee  

    Shorts!  Nah.  I couldn't put folks through it. I'd feel sorry for them behind me.  Oh yeah, like I'm always the leader of the pack!  Ha ha

    Have fun Red!

  • Thanks Miss W! 

  • Yeay................ go you

    Now.. go for those brightly coloured ones... I even posted a pikke of me, well the back of me on my last post, with my purple leg!!!

    Go for it..."Self confidence is a super power, once you start believing in yourself, magic starts to happen!"

    It does...'cos you ran better too... :)

  • Ha ha thank you. Must check out your pic! As much as I love some of the more brightly coloured leggings, I'm not that brave yet! But the more I get used to running in just leggings, hopefully the more confident I'll become. When I do eventually buy some, I'll post a pic too. I really do hope I can build some self confidence from now on. Thanks.

  • You will, oh you will!!! :)

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