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Sand dunes

Did my W4 R3 today which was 2 x 5 minute runs (doing it through a running club so slightly different to Couch 25K I think), really struggled with the first 5 mins as part of it was up a steepish hill and I felt like I couldn't breathe, legs heavy etc, the second run was fine but still left me feeling a bit - meh! I don't think I am ever going to be able to run for 10 mins never mind 30. Then this afternoon we went for a walk on the beach and walked back over the sand dunes, I wasn't intending to but I found I was breaking into a bit of a trot and before I knew what was happening I was running over the dunes, it was brilliant, I stopped for a few seconds here and there but felt like I could go on for ages, it really boosted me back up again (I know I probably shouldn't really have done it but I'm glad I did.!)

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Cracking! I've only ever once tried to run up dunes - it was super tough. Well done you ☺

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