Newbie here

I just stumbled across this 'forum' though it is unlike any other forum that I have used..

But Having had a knee injury for the best part of a year, the physio recently informed me that I should start exercising again in earnest (within reason).

But as a result of little activity my weight has increased to around 112 kg which means that I am a fat bar steward... Which also puts extra strain on my aging knee which will never be fully recovered (I'm 50 this August).

Historically I used to be rather fit, though still even then I was considered overweight by the BMI system even if my resting heart rate was around 50! But I was also younger then too. In reality for me to improve my fitness, I need to reduce my weight. It is that simple.

But I do enjoy my food, especially when I am bored like I am now :(

So I now need to start exercising and monitoring my food/calorie intake.

So I need to explore the area for tips etc...

I live in North London close to Arnos Grove.



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  • c25k is a great tool for many people to increase their fitness, but if you have a bad knee, has your physio cleared you for running in particular or would perhaps another form of exercise (swimming, cycling etc) be more kind when you already have an injury?

    Not to be at all discouraging, but if you know you have an injury, probably worth getting an expert opinion before starting any exercise regime.

  • Hi Beatrice and thanks for your sensible reply :)

    My physio has cleared me for running and cycling; though I am not yet sad/brave enough to get the lycra out, though it will be a good regular source of exercise cycling 20 miles or so to and from work several days a week. I am also intending to start swimming as well at the gym, and use the cross trainers on the fat burn in addition to my running.

    I use Endomondo and am following loosely their couch to 10 km training schedule as well.


  • Well the structure and podcasts of the c25k course we all have done/are in the process of doing is a really nice introduction into getting structured running into a habit, starting right at the beginning, but also builds stamina and strength too. It sounds like you are already doing a lot, but there are lots of people with a base level of fitness who have still started at the beginning to get all the benefits of trying the programme! The nice thing is on this forum there is a huge amount of support, encouragement and advice for would be runners :) best of luck if you are going to start the programme!

  • Indeed, that is the beauty of the couch2xkm apps...

    I chose 10 km as I felt that exercising for longer/further will help with burning calories...

    Here is my Endomondo Profile....


  • Hi Adrian,

    I lost a bit the last half of year through diet and exercise, I used to be 103kg and I'm now at 85kg but my target is 79kg.

    The main changes I made in my diet was to replace my daily sarnies with a salad (been dodging them for 51 years!) and swapped potatoe with sweet potatoe. I also vastly reduced you intake of sweets as I have a sweet tooth.

    Then when the weight started to come off I bought a rowing machine and worked my way up to 45 mins a day for six days a week.

    The rowing helped me build stamina and it works on a lot of the major muscle groups including your core. It's also a low impact excercise so it will be kind to your knees.

    I now run three times a week and row on my off days with one day off a week as a rest day.

    It works for me.

    Good luck with the running.


  • Cheers Bob,

    Before my knee injury I was around 103-104 kg, now 113!!

    I am thinking that I should try the rower more at the gym for the reasons you mention, good cardio work, low impact and helps the core which is good for running and cycling....


  • Hiya, im new too! Literally just this minute joined the forum! Bit scared!

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