I have a lot of respect for anyone doing C25K this time of year! It was cold and rainy (surprise surprise) on my run today, probably the first time ever I seem to be colder after a run than before it! Normally I'm boiling hot! I've had a shower and realised how cold I felt, and now got back into bad with a fleece blanket, shivering! Hopefully I'll be ok in a few minutes! lol!

I overslept this morning so it's about 2 hrs later than I wanted to be back from my run at! Lost my keys this morning as well (found them now), drama drama!

But seriously, if I'm honest with myself I'm not sure I could do C25K at this time of year! I'd love a bit of July summer sun back right about now! I'm glad I started in June as I think if I was doing it this time of year I would be demoralised and give up.

If you're doing it now and finding it really difficult and end up stopping - please try again when it's a bit nicer out there!

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  • Agreed! Like you, I started in June a couple of years back so by winter I was hooked. Good for you for getting out today, it feels good afterwards even if it's miserable at the time. I'd spend some quality time with your blanket.

    Big round of applause for those folks starting in winter. You'll love it once spring hits.

  • I felt fine during the run to be honest, bit chilly at the start and it was wet but I didn't feel that cold. Then as soon as I got in I really felt it, must have caught a chill I think, maybe my gear is not as waterproof as I thought. I've got a jumper, hoody (hood up), cosy trousers, duvet, and fleece blanket, and laptop on the go and I'm still not warm! Haha! But I feel better than I did! Firmly planting myself here for the rest of the day I think :D

  • That feeling where you get in the shower and realise just how cold your bum and legs are always surprises me! I think I need to buy myself some thicker running tights for these conditions. Hope you feel better later after some cosy blanket time :)

  • Yes! My legs went bright red in the shower, it was so odd! Guess it was the blood rushing back to them!

  • You can do this I'm off for a run tomorrow morning and it's freezing keep up the good work :)

  • Thanks Jessica! You too! I just want to keep the running up over the winter and get fully back on it in spring!

    Much respect to you for keeping at it :)

  • The advantage of doing C25k now, in the winter, is that by the time it starts to warm up you'll be a fairly competent runner and will be smashing those early summer 5 and 10k events.

  • Yes that's very true. I didn't do any events last summer but I'm hoping to this spring/summer, just need to keep the fitness levels up!

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