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Week 8 Day 1 ... despite the horsebox!

Well, after a crappy day at work and encouragement from my marathon running hubs, I went out for the first of my Week 8 runs ... I was stopped in my tracks at 27 mins 45 seconds by a bleedin' horsebox reversing across the road so ... after a 10 second on the spot jog then getting around it we headed for home and kept going which meant I ended up doing 30 minutes and a smidgeon ... the OCD in me is cursing as I 'stopped' so close to 28 but the rational part of my brain told the drama queen in me to belt up as I'd gone above and beyond so all in all I'm pretty chuffed. Will stick with the planned 28 for the rest of the week and anything extra is a bonus but feels good to be back home, slightly smug (this time, there will always be a bad day round the corner somewhere so enjoy it while I can) and ready for a shower and a cuppa! Good luck to any fellow 8ers and anyone else out there for that matter. Mondays can end well after all ... ;-)

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You made me laugh! I have an obsession with running and no recovery walks, quite stubborn about it. However, even I have decided some time ago that stopping to cross a road, or to make sure an approaching dog isn't intent on chasing me does not count as an actual stop. For safety reasons, let's allow ourselves to not be upset by a walk or even stop, just start up again when safe to do so 😀


Don't rule it out Joolie. A walk break can mean the difference between success and failure.

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He he, there's always something isn't there? I get cross too at things that stop my running, how dare they? Don't they know every second counts?

Well done, so close now...

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