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News and good news

Why a particular run would seem harder than another we would never know.

But I found the run today - on treadmill - with 1.5 % elevation every 5 minutes - particularly hard going.

I still finished it though. Glad I managed the 30 minutes.

Life is going to be ups and downs I imagine.

Now for the good news.

I had signed up for bounts some time back. And I just ordered £50 worth of Amazon vouchers from bounts!

For those of you who don't know what bounts is, it is a website that rewards you for exercising :-)

If you are looking to sign-up, you can do it here:

Once you do, both you and I will get 100 bount points!

Basically, by doing C25K...and doing some further walking...I have just received £50 worth of Amazon vouchers!

I am going to have a rest day tomorrow as I am running on Friday and Sunday :-)

Life is good!



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Well done Ash! Just joined the scheme. I am just wondering what tracker you use?

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I use FitBit Surge.

There are ways to get maximum number of bounts per day.

I have created a secret group on FaceBook where me and my friends share everything we learn about bounts so that we all get maximum points each day.

If you wish, you can connect with me - Ashish Kulkarni - on FB and I will add you to the group :-)


I struggle sometimes on the treadmill and can't get my speed right after running outdoors. Could you tell me what speed/pace you have the treadmill set at.

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I run at around 6 km/h Angie.

But it all depends on the individual.


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