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Well I've been a bit quiet on here lately. Been a busy old time with my daughter gettin married last weekend. As you can imagine not much running took place in the lead up to the wedding. We got back on Sunday last week and I felt so sluggish (nothing to do with the good and alcohol) 😂😂 though. On Monday I thought I must do something and gave myself a target of a 10 - 20 min run. Managed 26mins so happy with that. Then a quick run on Thursday of 20mins (both at faster pace than previous). Yesterday did 5K in a respectable time of just over 36mins. It was very breezy to say the least 😁😁. Just goes to show even if you've not done much for a while you can still do it. It would have been so easy not to have bothered but so pleased I didnt. So my message out there is - however long it's been since your last run just go out there and do something. I tell myself I'm going to do 10 mins and then just keep increasing if I want to. That way there's no pressure and no disappointment. At the end of the day getting out there is better than sitting on your bum at home. 😍

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  • Great advice! And it's good to know that you don't lose your fitness too quickly. I hadn't run for a week and I was worried about my run yesterday but it was absolutely fine (in fact I got a pb!) Hope you had a lovely time at your daughter's wedding, how exciting.

  • Yes, I keep leaving it too long and only managing 1 run (sometimes 2 runs) a week! Giving me encouragement, Sue.

  • Never give up, just remember how long it took you to get to where you are now. 😬😬

  • That's the way!

    Just as there is never a failed run, whatever you get out and do is always better than sitting at home!

    I sometimes run down the road to the pool. It's only a mile and a half but if I'm going anyway and I haven't run for a day or two it just keeps my body used to the movement.

    3 x 30 mins is great if you can do it, but if not then do whatever you can. And if you've had a break then the sooner you do something, the shorter that break will be! Waiting will never make you more ready.

    Great running - keep it up!

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